Review: Show Time by Phil Harvey

showtimeShow Time
by Phil Harvey

officialsynopStarvation & freezing temperatures aren’t as deadly as profit-hungry producers and fellow competitors in this chilling and erotic depiction of the future of reality TV.

Future viewing audiences have become totally desensitized to violence and entirely dependent on sensation to escape their boring workaday lives – an addiction nurtured by the media with graphic portrayals of war and crime and with so-called reality programming.

Now, TV execs in pursuit of the only things they care about – higher ratings and bigger paychecks – have created the ultimate reality show: Seven people, each bearing the scars of his or her past, are deposited on an island in the middle of Lake Superior.

Given some bare necessities and the promise of $400,000 each if they can endure, the three women and four men risk death by starvation or freezing as the Great Lakes winter approaches. Their seven-month ordeal is entirely unscripted, they can’t ask for help or they forfeit the prize, and as far as the network is concerned the fewer survivors the better.

officialreviewThis book is like Hunger Games meets Survivor (the reality TV series) meets The Truman Show (movie). This book even consists BTS (behind-the-scenes) to every plot, conspiracies, connivance and plans that the contestants formulated in order to stay vigilant, outwit opponents and even kill.

The people behind the camera are ruthless. They demand great yet unscripted performances from the competitors, and sky-high ratings from TV audiences. Somebody’s gotta do it, so it better be good. €400,000 is at stake. And their lives, too.

So far, I enjoyed the thrill and suspense in this book. The contestants were a motley crew of sorts and were really in for the big time. The TV execs were menacingly good, I had swell of a time cursing them because of their stupid ratings game. There’s sex and violence, there are seven interesting characters, a good plot and overall, a great enjoyable story.



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