Review: Weathering the Storm by Kait Gamble

weatherstormWeathering the Storm
by Kait Gamble

officialsynopWhen the storm hits, sometimes the only thing you can do is hang on.

Maia Reynolds is a successful travel writer for one major reason—her entire life is focused on work. Only one man has ever managed to get past her barriers and he’s the reason why she’s closed herself off from everyone else—and she’s just thrown champagne in his face.

Heir to the Girard Group, Alexandre is used to women throwing themselves at him, not drinks. He’s intrigued by the beautiful and maddening Maia, but the tale she tells him about their supposed past can’t be true. Can it?

The head trauma he’d suffered years before leaves a blank space in his memory that Maia seems to be able to fill, but he knows there’s she’s hiding something. Until they clear up the past, they won’t be able to build the future that’s beginning to form in his mind.

But, will she ever trust him enough to truly open up again?


She never wanted to fall in love ever again. She’d been hurt once, abandoned and forgotten by the man she fell in love with. And when Maia Reynolds saw this man again, a splash of drink on his face was how she greeted him.

Alexandre lost most of his memories when he’d been in a car accident eight years ago. When a certain brunette confronted him about their past, he was tongue tied and had no idea what she was talking about. Could she be the bridge that would pave the way to his future?

Surely, being caught up in a storm on an island will bring up old memories, wouldn’t it?

This has been a quick read for me and I loved how I enjoyed conquering the waves with Maia and Alex. I read it this weekend and finished with a sigh and a light heart. There’s nothing true love can’t endure, right? Maia seemed reluctant to face her past as it opened an old wound and stabbed her heart. But fate had a mind of its own, so it intervened. Alex, with nothing to remember about his past love, struggled to make peace with the present. I loved how he didn’t give up on his lost memories. But it also irked me to see him do what he has previously done, without him knowing it. I guess that makes him human and real and likeable.

The story as a whole was fun and enjoyable to read. The steamy scenes were light and hot, but done with taste. I think this is my third Kait Gamble book and it only shows that I have enjoyed her writing throughout the years!


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