Review: Her Personal Assistant by Lexy Timms

hpaHer Personal Assistant
(Dominating PA #1)
by Lexy Timms

officialsynopWe all need someone who can handle our darker side

Billionaire female boss, Abigail “Abi” Monroe, is an extremely sophisticated woman with a strong backbone and crazy-smart business woman. She’s on the hierarchy of the business-food chain, becoming one of the first to create a multi-million dollar company in her early twenties.

She’s used to getting what she wants and knows how to cater to her own needs. What the world doesn’t know about her is that she is a sexual prowler, needing gratification on a daily basis. She has no time for love, but lust is the one thing she treats herself to.
Her company mainly consists of handsome young men, but she does not divulge herself in any – except for her personal assistant. That’s just part of the job requirement.


This one got me on a rollercoaster ride, the kind that took me to spins and twists and turns and so much more. Abi, a powerful woman in her own right had been treating her personal assistants like sex slaves. At first, I wasn’t particularly into her story because I thought she was too wild for my taste. But when I learned of her history, I couldn’t help but pat her in the back and mellow down.

One thing’s for sure though, you won’t be able to properly conceive a proper thought while reading this. Trust me, this one will make you as hot as a volcano. Explosions and all!

Lexy Timms sure know how to fire up your Kindle!

My Rating:




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