Review: Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever

Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever
(Book 2)
by Dede Stockton

Join Sammi Jo and Screech as they meet new friends and observe a most amazing event! Sammi Jo is joined by her cousin, Jake, in the newest Sammi Jo adventure, as they dive into mythology, adventure and meet many new underwater friends!

officialreviewThis is a simple yet exciting story about a girl who sees a special kind of sea horse, befriends the merpeople, takes her cousin down to the underwater world and witnesses the best sea rodeo adventure ever!

Sammi Jo hears “the splash” and knows there’s something lurking behind the water but her parents disregard her thoughts. When she finally sees Screech, the one responsible for the splash, Sammi Jo’s life changes and becomes magical and fascinating!

This book is perfect for kids who love to read about mythical creatures and animals. Doubting parents aside, the story is centered on a bright young girl named Sammi Jo who never let negative vibes ruin her day. I read this to my youngest son and he had this grin reaching his ears because he wanted to meet mermaids and see seahorses. At least in this book, he was able to take a look at their beauty. The illustrations of the wonderful seafolks were a sight to behold. DeDe Stockton was able to tickle my child’s imagination so this is a going to be a good addition to my boys’ growing bookshelf!

**NOTE: I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. **

My Rating:Β 




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