Review: Krim Du Shaw by Talia Haven


Krim Du Shaw
by Talia Haven (author)
Sytiva Sheehan (Illustrator)


officialsynopKrim was just a colt when the stallions of the Du Shaw herd led him and the mares to the stone building with its tall walls and heavy wooden door. The mares knew what the stallions yearned for, and they knew what would happen if the stallions gave in. But for Krim, it would be much later before he would discover for himself what lies beyond the stone wall.



Ever wondered about unicorns? I must admit, when I was a kid, I believed in those horned & winged horses and dreamt of flying in the skies with them, just like Pegasus. I thought by then, unicorns were for real, until I finally learned in 3rd grade that they weren’t. Whenever I tell my kids about my discovery, they laugh at me. They say I was too old to believe in them, since they already know about those magical horses when they were in Kindergarten. Ha!

I read this book to my kids last night, and together we learned the reason why unicorns do not exist anymore. It was an amazing short story and before I knew it, my kids started to have doubts about these mysterious fictional creatures.

Talia Haven, once again, impressed me with her stunning short story. Last year, I sobbed and cried when I read her other story, Mama Cried, and I was astounded. It wasn’t something kids should read about but it touched my heart in more ways than one.

In Krim Du Shaw, my kids told me they almost cried because they couldn’t believe what they learned about unicorns falling prey to innocent girls. They surmised, girls aren’t to be trusted.(What the?!!) But I told them, there’s a deeper meaning about the story and that man’s greediness is the main reason this happened.

I loved this short story, it had a great impact on me and to my kids as well. This may have been only 6 pages, but the length of discussion my boys and I had proved that Talia Haven is a master bedtime storyteller.

My rating: 



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