The Adventures of Midge and Moo

DayWithMooA day with Moo: a best friend book
(The Adventures of Midge and Moo 1)
by Kerry McQuaide

officialsynopMidge and Moo are best friends. They came home from the hospital together when Midge was just two days old.

They do everything together.

Midge learns what it is like to have a partner in crime, a best friend, and someone who is there for you no matter what.

Snuggle up with your little one and spend the day with Midge and Moo.


It’s always a great time to read books for my kids, even though they’re already old enough to read for themselves. Tonight, I read them A Day With Moo from the Adventures of Midge and Moo and my kids enjoyed it.

This book is all about best friends since birth, Midge and her plushie cow Moo, who do all things together, from sun-up till sundown. From playing in mud, to cleaning themselves, from eating peas, to not eating peas… and all those stuffs. My kids laughed at Midge’s attempt to feed Moo but they really loved the strong bond between the two.

My two older sons also do most things together, they’re the best of friends and sometimes they include their youngest brother in their circle when he’s not being stubborn. They wanted Midge and Moo to stay friends forever and learn more of their adventures, too!

The illustrations also got their attention. They thought Midge was cute!


LetterSanta.jpgLetter to Santa: a Christmas book
(The Adventures of Midge and Moo 5)
by Kerry McQuaide

Midge and Moo are best friends. They came home from the hospital together when Midge was just two days old. They do everything together, and that includes writing a series of letters to Santa.

December 1st
Dear Santa,
I’d like long hair for Christmas. And my best friend Moo would like a castle.

December 8th
Dear Santa,
Mommy says a castle is too big for you to carry here in your sleigh. Please bring a dragon instead.
Midge and Moo’s letters to Santa reflect the vast imagination (and practical insight) that kids bring to the holiday, and the sense of magic and wonder that makes Christmas so much fun!


It’s almost Christmas and Midge wrote some letters to Santa. She told him her wishes like having long, long hair and a castle for her friend Moo. But since castles are too big, she wrote another letter to Santa and requested a dragon instead.

Somehow though, everyday, Midge sends a different letter to Santa because she realizes she’s been requesting quite impossible things. Like unicorns and elves. Until Christmas Day arrives. Will Midge and Moo get their wishes?

My oldest son read this book to his younger brothers and they all laughed out loud because Midge had asked for so many things! But what made them say “awwww” was when Midge asked about her parents on Santa’s list. The kids had a great time reading this Christmas book and had enjoyed looking at the fun pictures of Midge and her letters. Now they’re inspired to write their own letters to Santa for next year! Yay!

My Rating for the two books!




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