Review: The Billionaire’s Brother

bbBillionaire’s Brother
A Clean Billionaire Romance
by Mackenzie Croomer

officialsynopGrace, the social media guru and personal assistant to the CEO at Marshal Marketing firm is bored. When she took this dream job straight out of college, she expected a bit of glamor and excitement while working in a multi billion dollar advertising firm. Instead, she spends her days typing up handwritten notes and writing blog posts about everything from condoms to frizbees. The only good thing about this job, as it turns out, is Grace’s boss, Adrian Marshall.

Adrian is smart, funny, young and quite handsome. Over the past six months, Grace has developed more than a bit of a crush on him. But, all her attempts at flirting have gone completely unnoticed. Until one day when Adrian’s playboy brother, Nathan, joins the firm.

Nathan, Grace discovers, is every bit as handsome and witty as his brother. Not only that but, he seems to take an immediate interest in her. As she works with Nathan, Grace begins to wonder if she can let go of her feelings for Adrian and finally move on with her life.

But, when a catastrophe emerges at the business, Grace quickly discovers that not everything is as it appears to be. With her job and the brother’s company hanging in the balance, can Grace save the firm and her heart from being destroyed completely?


Grace finally got her dream job, being paid generously plus a hot boss to talk to every single day. But there are times when she’s bored and disappointed when her boss, Adrian, didn’t seem interested in her.

Her luck changed though when Adrians’ brother Nathan started working in their office. True, the billionaire’s brother is better looking, younger and more gorgeous, but somehow, he wasn’t the type of guy who could make her nervous.

One night with him happened to be the most disastrous night of her life, and soon her job was on the line after her boss discovered the truth. What would happen to her now?

This isn’t your typical billionaire story where the male characters could put Christian Grey into shame and could make Anastasia look like a saint. Oh no, this one isnt like that.

For once, I have read a billionaire story that didn’t need to detail every curves and hidden parts of the body. Or enumerate the acts being done in between sheets. No. Mackenzie Croomer was able to write a story that has taste, style and mystery without the kinky stuff. A great romance read for the holidays!


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