Review: Runaway Heart

runawayheartRunaway Heart
(A Game of Hearts novel)
by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel


officialreviewA house in an island, a hammock, towels, a tent, Orgasm on the Beach (that’s the name of the wine in case you’re curious), hurricanes, thunderstorm, Rum Cay Island. Well, that’s basically how I summarize Hannibelle and Ed’s tumultuous weekend and the start of a whirlwind love affair.


Hannah Adamson, aka Hannibelle Lecter, her code-name in roller derby, hides behind her past. She doesn’t trust guys, she doesn’t believe in love, she doesn’t care about real men with honest intentions. Because she thinks all men are abusers, users, losers. Take it from her, she’s lived with one.

Now Ed is a different story that Hannah doesn’t want to know. Ed Alcott, a charismatic Englishman, a bartender in London, a truthful man with clear intentions. He is every woman’s dream, but unattainable. Because he has been fooled once. And he vows, never again.

Until that one fateful night in the island.

Something has changed between them. Something has triggered their emotional wells. Something promising. Something eerily romantic. Something possible.

But adamant Hannah decides to end it all up. She doesn’t do relationships so she stops whatever she’s feeling. But why oh why, two months after their encounter, she finds herself hopeful and morose at the same time? She doesn’t want anything to do with Ed, but she strives hard to win every roller derby bout to make it to London Olympics? Does London have anything to do with it? Or does Ed?

Once again, the dynamic duo of Candace Knoebel and Sonya Loveday mesmerized me. Runaway Heart is another winner under their belt and I’m so happy to have been one of their readers. I loved their first book, Love Always, and with this new story, I met Philip and Maggie again.

runawaycoverBut this time, their best friends Ed and Hannah who captured my heart. A story about broken pasts, chaotic childhood, abusive parents, cheating bastards. I got angry for Hannah, I felt miserable for Ed, but somehow in the end, I sighed with contentment and happy warm feelings. Runaway Heart is really great!

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