Review: Fallen Asleep by Karisha Prescott


Fallen Asleep
(Fallen Trilogy # 1)
by Karisha Prescott

officialsynopOnly 19 years old as she begins her journey, Alexandra finds herself on the outside of society looking in because of her terminal illness. Her sister, Elizabeth, refuses to plan for life after death in the event that Alexandra’s treatment fails. Forced to face her mortality on her own, Alexandra tries to live every day she has left with grace and dignity. But her doctor has other plans – including tipping the scales of fate.

Can Alexandra face the harsh reality of her circumstances and walk away from the last-minute illusion her doctor is attempting to administer? Or will Alexandra embrace the chance to cheat death? And who will pay the price in the end?


At first, I thought this book is going to make me shed a lot of tears, judging by the first conversation alone. Alexandra had cancer and would prefer dying by ending her treatment than hope for a better tomorrow. Elizabeth wasn’t happy with her terminally ill sister’s decision, reiterating that she was also in pain even though she wasn’t the one who’s sick.

Their argument, like any other arguments, ended in a sour note. Exasperated and concerned, Alexandra thought this could be her turning point to either accept or reject her doctor’s last offer for another chance at life. An impossible, dangerous, even fatal chance at life.

An end-of-life choice. Not FDA approved, but a possible cure. A medically induced coma that will freeze a person. Freezing that will leave Alexandria asleep. For years.

This is a short story, basically a prequel actually, but it already built a momentum and thoughts inside my head. Thoughts that tell me, the possibilities are endless and could be clinically possible with the technology of the future. Or maybe I am just convincing myself.

I liked the unique plot, the doctor actually creeps me out, but I’m not holding my breath. I know she’ll be every bit the villain I envision her to be.. I could be wrong, the doctor may actually be an ally in the future books, but after reading this prequel, she makes me want to punch her eyes shut.

The book ends with a cliffhanger that’s why I can’t wait until the next book comes out.

Fallen Asleep is unlike any other prequel books I’ve read. Fallen Asleep actually kept me awake.

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