Review: Snow Beach by Sophie Cayeux

snowbeachSnow Beach
(The Mauritus Migrants #1)
by Sophie Cayeux

officialsynopSnow Beach is a visit to Mauritius: lesbians are a normal part of the social landscape…

Aimee de Roseville had an extremely long-term relationship whilst being treated terribly by her partner Julia, a well-known plastic surgeon. The balance of power was always off kilter. With no money to her name, Aimee felt as if she could never leave.

This fuelled such hatred towards her Uncle Paul, the man she believes stole her inheritance to Roseville Sugar Plantation and packed her off to England with her mother after her father’s death under suspicious circumstances when Aimee was only twelve.

Aimee is delighted when she lands a job with Snow Beach in Mauritius. So much for Julia always saying she was useless. Without Julia there to hold her back, she chases her lost inheritance and builds a new life.


Snow Beach is a novel in 3 parts. It is Aimee’s eventful journey of self-discovery through healing, thriving and blossoming when she finds herself, riches and love on the island of Mauritius.

Aimee has had it! Mistreated and taken for granted in a relationship. she finally got rid of herself in Julia’s life. Julia, her ex-partner for 20 years, had outgrown her love for Aimee, and was quick to replace her with a new woman after Aimee moved out.

Now Aimee was alone and penniless. She grabbed a job offer in Snow Beach, but she had to go back to Mauritius, where her life had started. She’s finally coming home, but she wasn’t particularly happy because she’d have to deal with his Uncle Paul, the one who stole her inheritance from her father.

I thought the story was moving and gripping, but not in the most dramatic way. Aimee had a relationship with a woman, but she wasn’t treated fairly and just. In my opinion, she was abused and taken for granted. I’m glad she took up the job offer and was able to find closure and made peace with the past. I think, her journey of healing, acceptance and redemption was well-played and inspiring.

My Rating: 



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