Review: The Christmas Cookies by Mark Collins


The Christmas Cookies
by Mark C. Collins

officialsynopChristmas is little Noelle’s favorite holiday, and her mom’s home-made Christmas cookies are what Noelle loves most about the holiday!
But this year, no matter how many batches of cookies Mom bakes, Noelle just can’t seem to get her hands on any of them before they disappear!


Noelle and her mom prepared cookies this holiday, but she didn’t get the chance to eat any because her little dog ate all! The next day, her mom made cookies again, but they got a visitor and guess what? She wasn’t able to have cookies again! Why, oh why do the cookies keep on disappearing? Will Noelle still have a chance to taste and devour her mom’s cookies come Christmas Day?

cookieCheers to another great kiddie masterpiece from the talented Mark Collins! As usual, my kids and I are in awe of this man’s creativity and artistic skills, and of course, with his deliciously written story! The illustrations, as always, look awesome, bright and crisp! Kyle, my eldest son now wanted me to bake cookies for them too, this coming holiday season. (If only I have Noelle’s mom’s cookie recipe, ha ha!). The story was light but definitely warming, according to my boys.

A perfect bedtime read for every child all over the world. Highly recommended with two thumbs up!

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