Review: Gas Light by Rose Haven

gaslightGas Light
by Rose Haven

officialsynopRosalie Lapointe loves to tinker. She loves it so much that she occasionally forgets to eat.

She finds it easier to occupy her mind with blueprints and spanner sizes than the deep, agonizing pain of losing her mother many years ago. Her father indulges her hobbies even as he works to find her a mate who will care for her when she cannot care for herself.

When she refuses all of his suitors, Mr Lapointe hires a new manservant as a last resort. But Rosalie’s hobby may be more dangerous than she realizes; as she tries to work out the kinks in her new steam engine prototype, she discovers that poisonous carbon monoxide may not be the biggest threat to her safety.

The distractingly handsome new manservant, Edmund Price, is not helping matters.


Rosalie Lapointe loved tinkering and building machines ran by steam, and although her father didn’t agree with her choice of work (because he wanted her to get married instead), he let her be, as long as she ate. Rosalie could work all day and all night until she perfected her steam engine and avoid the poisonous gas that seemed to result from her experiments. Due to this, she always forgot to put something in her stomach or to even take a good look at herself.

When her father hired a manservant for her, things got a little easier and more exciting for Miss Lapointe. For she now had a reason to look forward to her meals. And the reason behind is Edmund. A few weeks into her service, Rosalie grew fond of him, and vice versa. Until that day when the lady she only saw on the portrait behind the dark curtains showed herself to her. The woman she and her father thought had died years ago. Suddenly, the woman that bore her face became the woman who would destroy her years of study. The woman, her mother, was the same woman who would wreck her steam engine project.

It’s been ages since I last read a steampunk book. Gas Light is short but proved to be an enticing read, although I thought it lacked of plot and world building. Maybe because I have just read the first book in a series. Needless to say, the story is quite unique for the steampunk setting. The characters were likeable but I would love to see them grow and mature. So I may have to check on the second book to see how far the story goes.

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  1. Lectito says:

    Sounds like a great premise, although I hate it when the characters and/or world aren’t convincing.


    1. Yes, my thoughts exactly, too 🙂 Thanks for your visit!


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