Review: Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

STTKShopaholic Ties the Knot
(Shopaholic #3)
by Sophie Kinsella
Paperback, 328 pages

officialsynopLife has been good to Becky Bloomwood: She’s become the top personal shopper at Barneys and she’s living happily with her boyfriend, Luke, in Manhattan’s West Village. But with her best friend, Suze, engaged, how can Becky fail to notice that her own ring finger is bare? Not that she’s been thinking about marriage (or diamonds) or anything.

Then Luke proposes! Problem is, two other people are planning her wedding: Becky’s overjoyed mother—who has been waiting forever to host a backyard wedding, with the bride resplendent in Mum’s frilly old gown; and her high-society soon-to-be mother-in-law—who insists on a glamorous, all-expenses-paid affair at the Plaza. Both weddings, on separate continents, on the same day . . . and Becky can’t seem to turn down either one. Can everyone’s favorite shopaholic tie the knot before everything unravels?


Becky is getting married! But where? While she’s enjoying kife as a Personal Shopper at Barney’s, which I swear is every shopaholic’s dream, her family from England wanted her to stay in the countryside with her husband. But she couldn’t stay away from the glitz and glamour of Manhattan, could she? If you’re Becky Bloomwood, you would be at your wits end, and might just end up in a mental.

While I enjoyed the first two books in the series, this one kinda made me back off a little from Becky’s spending ways. I swear this lady’s got real money issues. But with friends like Suze and Tarquin to talk to her, I guess I could give her the benefit of the doubt. There might still be chance for Becky after all.

I enjoyed reading this third book and would still want to see what happens next when she’s finally settled. I’m sure it would be a riot.

My Rating: 




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