Review: The Island Girl by Sophie Cayeux


The Island Girl

(The Mauritius Migrants #2)
by Sophie Cayeux

officialsynopThis is the whole of THE ISLAND GIRL, a novel in three parts. It is the story of Dr Jack McDorry, born Raj Patel in Mauritius. Through awakening, acknowledging and accepting, Jack discovers how identity and love interact in all our lives.

It is the late 1940s at the British Armed Forces barracks in Mauritius. The military band plays “God Save the King” during Raj’s birth. Inspired by the Union Jack his mother names him Raj Jack Patel.

Fourteen years later, Raj emigrates to London and joins his local school as Jack Patel. Bullied and isolated, Jack lands with a broken arm in hospital and his life changes forever. An elderly gambler teaches him about horse racing.

Jack becomes a lifelong gambler, a sought-after tipster. Friends flock to him, begging for gambling tips. At medical school he marries his sweetheart Liz and sheds his name Patel for McDorry.

During a holiday on his native island, Babette, a Chinese-Mauritian student, knocks down Dr Jack McDorry’s bicycle. This car accident is the beginning of an unfinished affair.


Dr. Jack McDorry wasn’t always Jack. Before he became a doctor, he was a gambler, took bets and became a great tipster, so great he was soon called Black Jack. But before he became Black Jack, he was bullied, ridiculed, shunned. He came to London after 14 years staying in Mauritius. He was Raj Patel.

Now he’s happily married with Liz and got two children. Then he found himself back in Mauritius for a vacation and saw his past. Little did he know that his past would be catching up on him. Especially after he’d been knocked down by Babette, half-Chinese, half-Mauritian. Babette who happened to be his old love. Babette who had a daughter named Isolette. Isolette who held secrets of her own, a dirty secret that made its way to Jack’s family and life.

Let me just say, this book was like opening a can of worms. A lot of secrets slowly creep out causing distress and anxiety to the characters. I got mixed feelings while reading this. The Island Girl was a story full of exciting twists, kinda melodramatic. There’s one thing I’m sure though. Sophie Cayeux wrote with passion and also described Mauritius very intricately, I would love to visit the place soon.

My Rating: 




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