Review: Outback Promise by Maggie Bolitho

OutPromOutback Promise
by Maggie Bolitho

Kindle edition

officialsynopCan Ros and Grady move on from the past, or will their pain drive them apart? Six years ago, the Balfours lost their son Cadel to a hit-and-run driver. A few months ago, Ros discovered Grady’s affair. With their marriage fast disintegrating, they decide to take a three-month camping trip into the heart of Australia to try and mend deep wounds and rekindle the fire that once fused them close.

This trip will decide the fate of their relationship: do they have enough strength and enough love left to accept what life has put them both through? But trust and forgiveness don’t come easily, and Ros and Grady have to navigate not only the wilderness of the Outback and the challenges of other travellers, but also the chasm of grief and bitterness they have sunk into over the last six years.

Their only hope for survival lies in facing the secrets they have both tried to keep buried.


Things weren’t doing well between husband and wife Grady & Rosaly Balfour. Their only son Cadel died six years prior to the story, and from then on, the couple’s relationship slowly went down the drain. Suspicions arose, secrets abounded, flirting and extra-marital activities ensued until the couple finally decided to have “The Talk”. In the Outback, together for ninety days. In the Outback, where they could relive old memories and re-asses their relationship. Will there still be hope for two shattered hearts?


I swear I look ugly when I cry and this book just made me uglier because of all the tears that came out of my eyes. Seriously, from cover to cover, I was engulfed in an ocean of tears, sobbing uncontrollably and wishing I could stop the time so I can ease the pain in Rosalyn and Grady’s hearts. I know they are only fictional characters in a book but, god, I felt them. I pictured them as real people. I couldn’t stop but feel their pain.

Outback Promise is perhaps the saddest book I’ve read to date, but the story is full of emotions and lessons, so you wouldn’t regret reading it. It is a story about family, love, death, betrayal, financial crisis, acceptance and forgiveness. Plus, the way the story was written was so beautiful and lyrical, I couldn’t help but admire Maggie Bolitho. She’s a really good & prolific writer! Hands down, mate!

My Rating:




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