Review: Soldier’s Fortune by Lexy Timms

SoldierFortuneSoldier’s Fortune (Southern Romance #4)
by Lexy Timms

officialsynopThe war is over, and America is trying to heal, but Clara can take no joy in it. Even as the farm prospers and her family is once more at peace, Clara faces unimaginable grief: she has been unable to carry a child to term, and the loss of her children has nearly destroyed her. She has tried to remain strong for the sake of her family, but now, pregnant again, Clara finds herself consumed with fear—if she loses this baby as well, she is not sure she can go on.

Jasper tries to comfort his wife, but he is lost enough in his own grief that he knows there are no easy answers. As he and Clara cling together against a harsh world, he fears that another tragedy will break them apart. He believes that things cannot get worse, but he is sadly mistaken—because Jasper still holds secrets he has not told even to Clara: secrets about his youth, his family, and why he has never tried to rebuild his family homestead. So when his sister comes to find him, a sister he thought to be dead, Jasper must at last tell the truth about the past he despises…and a present that seems increasingly hopeless.

officialreviewIt’s been more than a couple of years after the Civil War. Clara and Jasper were wed but didn’t look happily married. After four unborn children (miscarriages), Clara Dalton wasn’t looking forward to having another baby again. This heart-wrenching experiences had put a dent in her relationship with Jasper, and tried as she might to understand her husband’s shortcomings, she was still intent on staying with him as long as she had to.

Jasper, on the other hand, felt guilty for not being able to take good care of his wife. A nightmare from his past kept on haunting him, making him think less and less about himself. He was afraid he was turning into the very man he didn’t want to be. His grandfather. And fate seemed to be playing tricks on him. Because as soon as the nightmares came, a ghost of the woman from his past came barreling into their door, demanding his help and full cooperation.

Is this the end for lovestruck lovers Clara and Jasper?

The latest installment in the Southern Romance series, Soldier’s Fortune, gave me a glimpse of a woman deprived of the opportunity to bear a child and the man she swore to love until the end, even if that man thought she didn’t deserve him.

This book was full of passion and emotional outbursts. Jasper and Clara’s journey through their misfortune and towards healing was quite genuine and heartwarming. It rendered me helpless, knowing Clara was close to giving up and Jasper almost having second thoughts about his life. The secrets he kept took a toll on him and he had no choice but ‘fess up and face his demons.

Lexy Timms had once again amazed me with this book. This happened to be my favorite installment in the series. It’s nice reading a story that delved deep into human relationships and family dysfunction, easily grabbing and drawing the reader in to their world. I’ve read a lot of the author’s books, I’ve met vampires, wizards, Celtic Vikings.. and now, war/military heroes. Lexy Timms is simply amazing!

**Note: I received this book from Hurricane Readers in exchange for an honest review**

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