Review: Crime at Christmas by Noreen Wainwright

CXmasCrime at Christmas
by Noreen Wainwright
Genre: Cozy Crime
Date Published: November 2015

Jeremiah Arkwright rules his family by strict religious principles. But, they are growing up and no longer prepared to obey him without question. His own private life is found to have its secrets. The revelation of his hypocrisy leads to his death. Once again, Edith Horton finds herself at the heart of the mystery. Her own life is troubled; her friendships are strained and the death of Jeremiah Arkwright causes her to reflect on them.


There was a dead man in the neck of the woods. Jeremiah Wainwright. In light of this, his family was acting strange and destitute, and the matriarch was acting weirdly odd. They said he fell from the top, which led to his death. But a note found in his body puzzled and creeped out Edith. Was it possible that Jeremiah Wainwright was murdered?

Edith had sensed that something was off. The supposedly grieving family wasn’t that perturbed by the turn of events. Was Jeremiah Awkwright really detestable when he was alive? Was that the reason his family was acting weird? Edith was bound to know the truth. And the more she thought about it, the more it became real.

This was definitely mind-boggling. Right there from the first page, my attention was caught by Edith and her dog Max. Right there and then I knew, this was going to be a mystery suspense read. Author Noreen Wainwright was able to keep the tempo up and the fire scorching hot while I devoured the entire book. Couldn’t help but stay awake until I finished the story, it was riveting, as I’ve sensed it would be. Crime at Christmas is a perfect early evening read, makes you awake and forget about sleeping. Makes me want to read all the other books in the series.

Noreen lives in the English countryside with her dairy farmer husband, She has had short stories published and also has had some success as a freelance journalist. She works part-time at her local university as a mental health mentor. She uses her background as a mental health nurse in her writing. Crime at Christmas is the third in the Edith Horton mystery series.

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