Review: Ascendancy (Rise of the Fallen)

AscendancyAscendancy Rise of the Fallen (Ascendancy Origins Book 1)
by Bradford Bates

officialsynopJohn Blackthorn is one of the Gifted, and a member of the Ascendancy. Partnered with a werewolf, John prowls the streets of 1920’s San Francisco protecting the city from the supernatural. Using the gift of magic, they will face off against a growing threat, the Fallen. Leadership amongst the city’s vampires is changing. The Ascendancy must find out what the new regime is planning, and stop it. Together, John and Sarah will find a way to save the city, that they love.

This is the first tale in the Ascendancy Origins Series.


Set in 1920s we are introduced to various characters like John Blackthorn, Sarah, Joseph, Adams, Samuel, and the enchanted priests who’s got weapons strapped in their bodies as they join hands to bring down the evil.


Oh wow. I can’t believe John and Sarah easily made their way to my heart, their characters pretty much got me by hook, line and sinker. Now, now, you might say, this is yet again another Twilight wannabe story.. No, absolutely no. While it’s true there are vampires and werewolves in the story, Ascendancy is Magic! One couldn’t help but feel magically inclined to finish reading each chapter, to fall for John’s antics, to go berserk with The Fallen, and end up captivated until the last page.

Let me just say, this has got to be one of the absolutely magical & beautifully written paranormal story written by a man. The descriptive narration was the first thing that attracted me to the book. The nasty, creepy book cover added spice to my reading and soon, I found myself curled up on my bed and couldn’t get away from my Kindle until I finished it.. or should I say, waited in anticipation for the second book. Bradford Bates needs to turn this book into a TV series. Yay!

My Rating: 




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