Review: Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong

GMChange.jpgGirl Meets Change
Truths to Carry You Through Life’s Transitions
by Kristen Strong

Whether chosen and celebrated–like going off to college or welcoming your first baby–or unexpected and anxiety-inducing–like losing a job or grappling with a broken trust–all change brings stress. Kristen Strong knows about change–especially the kind you didn’t choose or expect. What she’s fought hard to learn over the years is that change is not something to be feared but something to be received as a blessing from a God who, more often than not, works through change, not in spite of it. Strong has learned to see change not as a grievance but as a grace.

In this hope-filled book, she shows women how when we follow God’s will, we receive blessings of contentment, purpose, and renewed strength. She encourages women to see change not as the end of their story but as the scenery for this part of life’s journey. And she offers practical advice for coping with change in every part of life. Anyone who has struggled to adjust to life’s transitions will welcome this warm and personal perspective.

officialreviewChange has always been the only thing constant in our life. And that it is inevitable. Whether you’re still young or was young once, you encounter change everyday. You go through it every hour, every minute, every second of your life. And the best thing to do with change is to embrace it whole-heartedly and let God guide you through it all.

That is what I learned from this book. Girl Meets Change is about Kristen Strong as she narrated the changes she’d been through & how she embraced it with her military husband. It started with their constant moving from one place to another, never settling at one location nor building a solid friendship through the years. But amidst it all, her unwavering faith in God solidified her and strengthen her belief in marriage.

This had been a very inspiring book full of values and life lessons. Lessons that we can apply in our daily lives. A book that helps us to be strong and find solitude in God. Thanks Kristen for this really amazing book!

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