Review: A Heartbreaking Ride by Cara Addison

AHBRA Heartbreaking Ride [The Coast 2]
(Siren Publishing Allure)
by Cara Addison

officialsynopLike a pendulum, the life of a detective can quickly swing from tedium to terror. That’s how Xander McKenzie finds life as an officer in the special investigations unit at the coast. After months of dating, Lexi Marshall is ready to tell Xander more about her past, and the real reason she makes it a priority to sit on the community policing board.

Concerned about the woman he loves, the detective has to put Lexi’s cold case on the back burner when he and his partner, Dennis, are summoned to the scene of a school bus crash. A quiet day at the precinct is about to turn chaotic. With reckless abandon, the lives of thirty-eight children are turned upside down when a 25,000 pound vehicle careens off the road.

After every ambulance and emergency worker leaves the scene, it’s up to Xander and Dennis to piece together the evidence and determine what went wrong. Both Lexi and a bus full of children will endure a heartbreaking ride in this story of love and healing in the wake of criminal recklessness.

Taken from the headlines of a real life community, this story has been fictionalized to fit the characters and setting of The Coast.


Lexi Marshall knew she found happiness with special investigations officer Xander McKenzie, but something nagged her from within. She wanted to come forward and be honest with her past, but it seemed time didn’t want her to do that. A school bus carrying at least 38 kids crashed and careened off the road. Xander was mystified by the accident, believed that there was something more about the tragedy that he needed to investigate. And what if Xander himself stumbled upon Lexi’s secret in the long run?

This was a love story that featured a cop with a heart and a teacher worried about her students amid the issues concerning her school. I liked the pacing of the story, it was fast and fetching. The characters were fiery but easy to relate with. But however sweet they could be, this book isn’t for the faint of heart. Because the scenes here are erotically charged, super hot and sultry, the reader would easily get weak in the knees. Cara Addison is a really naughty author and that’s something!

My rating:

3.5 cups



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