Review: Freedom Forever by Lexy Timms

Freedom4everFreedom Forever
(Southern Romance #3)
by Lexy Timms

officialsynopWith Jasper and Cecelia returned, and Solomon cleared of treason for his actions during the war, life at Dalton Farm has almost returned to normal. Of course, there’s the small matter of Cecelia’s pregnancy, and her engagement to Abraham Thompson, the reverend’s son. In Solomon’s eyes, all is as it should be, and the pair will be married quickly to avoid any gossip. But Clara, who has endured her own unhappy engagement, sees sadness in Cecelia’s eyes…

On the night of her wedding to Jasper, seeing Cecelia and Abraham bicker, Clara begs for the truth. She promises her sister that no matter what comes, she will protect her sister—and she speaks, as only she can, of the importance of being true to one’s heart.

But Cecelia is hiding more than Clara knows. Should she break the engagement and tell the truth, the reputation of the entire family is at stake, and no matter the cost to herself, Cecelia is determined to protect her family.


Sometimes, you only see what the others want you to see. But look deep within, and you’ll know what lies beneath..

Cecelia had long lurked and stood by in her sister’s shadows, never getting the attention she so fervently hoped for. But all was well with her, she wasn’t envious or jealous at all. When finally somebody expressed his desire for her, Cecelia was quite hopeful, she thought, finally she was loved because of who she was, and not because of her affiliation with her siblings.

Alexander Thompson liked a woman who was hard to get. He wanted to do the chasing, and with Cecelia, he believed she was a fruit ripe for the picking. He declared his love for her, even asked for her hand in marriage, but there was this other man Cecelia had her sights on. There was Isaiah Rourke, a stable boy but with the pureness of heart. Both men wanted her, but only one had her heart.

Rumors of deceits on Mr. Thompson and threats on Cecelia’s had resulted to a haste decision and a big mistake. Just when Cecelia had finally learned who she really wanted, she ended agreeing to marry the man she so despised in the end.

This third book in the Civil War/Southern Romances is probably my favorite. Freedom Forever is about Cecelia and her quest for true love after her brothers and sisters had found their own. I wouldn’t say she was envious, but I know how she felt being left alone and unwanted.

They say, when you’re hurt and angry, do not make sudden decisions, because you will regret the outcome sooner or letter and will get you devastating results. Never make a deal with the devil, never succumb to threats and slander. Those are just some of the things I’ve learned from this book. It was such an engaging and romantic read (and yes, very sexy and erotic, too). Plus, there’s a bonus! A spy within thir midst and a lady enforcer wearing breeches. That’s what made this story really entertaining from start to finish. Thumbs up for Lexy Timms for another successful book in the series! Couldn’t wait to see what happens next!

**NOTE: I received this book for free from Hurricane Readers in exchange for an honest review.**

Other Books in the series: Little Love Affair | Siege of the Heart 

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