Review: Something Wiccan by James Drummond

SomethingWiccanTitle: Something Wiccan
Series: Shadow Tales #2
Author: James Drummond
Kindle edition; YA Supernatural

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

“It’s sometimes hard to know who to be the most afraid of!!” – Kindle Review

officialsynopAfter discovering a family secret in the attic, fifteen-year-old Natalie Sherwood also begins to discover some unsettling things about herself. As she starts experimenting with her new-found abilities, she accidentally summons beings who strive to kill her and steal her magical powers.

After saving his hometown from a pack of savage werewolves, Toby Hoffman is recruited by an elite group of international hunters to help confront supernatural creatures across the globe. Saving Natalie from the beings she’s brought to her hometown will be his first mission.

officialreviewThis is the second book in the Shadow Tales series and it’s really good! Toby is back, as well as Rachel, plus some new characters that you would either love or hate.

Toby was recruited to help other people hunt the supernaturals. In Germany. Never did he realize that there was a group that faced different monsters and creatures and he felt the urge to extend whatever assistance he could give. He showed everyone that he wasn’t only brawn and muscles, he was also brains and emotions. He thought things through first before embarking from one dangerous mission to another. He wasn’t your typical teenager.

Natalie, on the other hand, was being herself – a teen who’s coming of age, apprehensive, compulsive, attention-seeker, but generally, afraid. She had this book of spells (which she believed to have come from her mother) and realized she could read and do the incantations written there and thought she could help others, but she was doing it the wrong way.

After everything that happened in the first book, Toby discovered something eerie and weird and strange with myths. And when his life turned into living hell, he was able to come up braver, wiser, stronger. Truly a great sequel to the Shadow Tales!

Another thrilling read from Mr. Drummond. Loved the non-stop action, breathtaking fight scenes, incredible monsters and most especially, Toby the hunter! Can’t wait to read more!

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