Review: The Billionaire’s Fake Girlfriend by Sierra Rose

FakeGirlfriendThe Billionaire’s Fake Girlfriend: Part One
by Sierra Rose

officialsynopRebecca is an aspiring actress. While at a fancy cocktail party, the socialites begin to pick on her. And that’s when she claims she’s dating the billionaire host of the party. When he goes along with it, Rebecca is in shock. And when this billionaire offers her a proposition she can’t say no to, she dives straight in.

officialreviewAspiring actress Rebecca would do everything to achieve her goal. She met Marcus Taylor at a party for the first time. When she saw some good-for-nothing rich ladies picking on a poor frightened girl, she blurted out that she was billionaire Marcus’ girlfriend. And she couldn’t take her word back, because, surprise surprise, Marcus seconded her claim. Nice!

They continued their pretend relationship in front of the cameras, and eventually had a hard time coming out of their fantasy when off-cam. Fireworks continued to spark as their kisses went deeper and deeper. But Rebecca asked herself, what if Marcus was just pretending all along? What if there wasn’t any relationship to fall back on after all?

Sierra Rose was able to make me sigh and giggle and grin stupidly while reading this book. It’s been such a fun, romantic and fast read. I enjoyed the pacing and the characters and the plot, very realistic and got the feels of a rom-com film. Even the cliffhanger ending had me grinning and intrigued. So much fun!

** I received this book through Hurrican Book Readers for an honest review **

My rating: 




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