Review: Unbound Destinies (White Aura #4)


Unbound Destinies (White Aura #4)
by Felicia Tatum

officialsynopOlivia’s eighteenth birthday is drawing closer, and with it, the curse threatening to take her life.

Olivia is on a mission to save herself and all those she holds dear in this final installment of the White Aura series. When everyone comes unbound, Scott, Olivia, and those they love must work together to save them all from the council.

Can Olivia fulfill the requirements given to her in order to keep her growing powers? Will the curse claim Olivia’s life before they have a chance to destroy those that threaten everything they value? Will Aiden lose his soul to The Crimson Calamitous?

All of these answers are revealed as Olivia questions everything she’s known in the race to defeat two ancient and powerful sorcerers.

officialreviewThings weren’t the way they’re supposed to be. Everyone has come unbound. Livie and Kyle had come unbound too, but their respective powers also had come undone. While Kyle retained his vampire half, he was now able to see auras and Livie couldn’t. She on the other hand, got the sorcerer half and now got her brother’s super strength. And now everyone else outside their family was unbound.

And with Olivia’s 18th birthday drawing nearer, everything seemed to be going definitely wrong.

The Tabors siblings, Scott, Sadie and Santos were doing their best to
rectify the situation, with the help of Anna and Mark and Juniper. The best solution Scott could think of? Freed Olivia’s mother from the council. A very risky move and dangerous, too. Will they succeed in the end?

Now, the matter with Devlin and Aiden was inevtiable. They needed to find the two.. and fast. Devlin must die and Aiden must be saved. Someone else’s heart would be shattered, and another life would be doomed.

At times like this, everyone wished they were all just part of a dream.. Sadly, this was a dream that does come true.

Ahh.. Unbound Destinies. Let me just say that this book was so lovely. It had all the right ingredients to make the reader burp with satisfaction after reading it. Each of the characters supplied sweetness and spice, color and texture, hotness and coldness, making the story very satisfying and fulfilling.

Surprisingly, it was Kyle’s story I enjoyed the most in this book. He and Elsie were a match made in fanged heaven. Scott and Olivia also deserved the kind of life they had dreamed of. And then there’s Sadie. Still confused, hurt and suffering from what had happened to Aiden. I myself was distressed with everything that happened to him. I couldn’t imagine how Sadie would be able to live after all that’s been done.

For the nth time, Felicia Tatum made me feel like I’m in cloud nine after reading the last book in the White Aura series. Right from the start, I found myself lost within the pages, never wanting to finish the story. But we all know that everything must come to an end. And in every end comes a new beginning. And for this very reason, I am looking forward to reading more of Felicia’s books because I know, she will never disappoint.

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