Review: DEM – Deus Ex-Machina by Lee Ness

DEMD.E.M. – Deus Ex Machina
by Lee Ness

SynopsisLogoNo good turn goes unpunished!

When Rachel is spurred to use her computing skills to find an abducted boy, she has no idea that it will bring her to the attention of an anonymous vigilante. Is the vigilante what he seems and what does he want with Rachel? As she gets drawn deeper into his world she tries to find out more about him only to put herself and her friends in grave danger. When she finally realises that he isn’t a vigilante at all, Rachel is in a race against time to save her friends and prevent him from escalating the war between Israel and Palestine.


What would you do when you realized someone knows about you, what you do, where you live, and how much money is in your bank account? This might shock the hell out of you but Rachel knows what to do.

Rachel witnessed the kidnapping of a young boy near her place but the police officers weren’t doing their jobs due to conspiracy. It’s up to Rachel and her computer skills to help the concerned families and put the abductors in their place. Too bad, the tables turned and now she received an email from someone who knew the boy’s whereabouts and who knew a whole lot about her.


Threats had been issued, guns had been fired, intels had been hacked, and death had been imminent the moment Rachel meddled with the abduction. With the help of new found friends and a hacker love interest, they uncovered a mystery deeper than they could handle. Expect a lot of twists and turns and major surprises, this thing could break your defenses and question the people around you.

I enjoyed every minute of reading this book. It’s got a lot of action, mind-boggling situations, heart-stopping scenes and a hint of romance that will leave you gushing. Lee Ness was able to come up with a high-stakes crime novel that is engaging, provocative and sure to delight its readers!


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