Review: The Year After by Christine Natz

TheYearAfterTitle: The Year After
Series: Fairmont Women #2
Author: Christine Natz
Kindle Edition, 194 pages

officialsynopI am Devon Wesley, resident party girl. The wild child. The incorrigible flirt, the master of one-night stands. The heart breaker who can get any guy she wants. The manipulator who has always gotten what she sets her eyes on.

That is, before Chris Slater.

He is everything a woman can want, but I am everything he loathes in one. How do you seduce your best friend’s straight-laced brother, really?

How do you fall in love with one?

Chris Slater is a catch, the the type of guy every girl would want to have. And for this main reason, Devon decides to stay away from him. To move to some place where he is out of reach. But the more she distances herself from him, the more he is drawn to her, the more she wants to go back to his arms. Unfortunately, Christ doesn’t want her. He dislikes her. He can’t stay in one place with her. He hates her… Or so she thought.

Devon is right to fall for him, for all the wrong reasons. Devon’s reputation isn’t squeaky clean and she knows that. Chris also knows that. But beneath this tarnished exterior is a woman dying to be loved, to be accepted, to be cherished. Her past with Andrew seems to have broken her, but until she can fully accept the reality of their breakup and move on, she won’t be getting into the good graces of Chris.


Again, those roller-coaster of emotions I felt when I read Christine Natz first book, Seven Years, are all coming back to me now that I’ve read The Year After.  I swear, I got crazy over Chris Slater, his oh-so-good personality and oh-so-bad in bed character. This guy’s machismo rules and he doesn’t even had to shed clothes just to prove it.

And if there’s one thing that I really loved about the man, it’s his way to a woman’s heart. Pancakes! Have I ever told you that pancakes are my favorite comfort food? (Next to pizza, of course!) If Chris Slater were food, he’d be my pancake and I’m gonna devour him in two minutes top. Yum!

I really love this book, not because the author is a friend, but because I have always admired how she was able to encapsulate intensity, drama, family, passion, pain and love in less than 200 pages. These pages have everything you could possibly want in a New Adult book. Christine Natz’s writing is fluid and immersive and you can’t help but be inclined to read the next chapter and on to the next and the next until you finished it. I think this is a great coming-of-age story with the truest and realest characters I’ve ever read. Kudos to another great book!

My Rating: 



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