Review: JUDGED (Part 1) by Ali Parker

JudgedTitle: Judged
Series: A Second Chance Romance Book 1

Source: Received from Hurricane Readers Review Group

officialsynopA past filled with harmful teasing isn’t easily overcome. Neither is a history of crime and death.

Once judged, always judged.

Sicily Moretti comes from a long line of good cooking and large hips. Having graduated at the top of her class from the Culinary Institute of America, she finds success in sugary treats and rich pastries. Having moved from New York to Maine with her closest friend, Kari and Lisa, she’s looking for a new start where the building of her own bakery will be her focus. She’s not looking for love, nor is she interested in it. She’s been judged incorrectly too many times.

Drake DeMarco comes from a long line of crime, his new life a fresh start. His older, Demetri worked hard to help the feisty alpha male cut ties with who he was born to be, his past completely hidden to everyone in the small town of Bar Harbor. He’s invested in the town’s only gym and is working hard to keep his attention only on his business, but everything changes when a dark-haired beauty begins to steal not only his attention, but his heart.

With a past that would land him in jail, he’s beyond scared to let Sicily in. Good thing she doesn’t seem in the least bit interested. Will he finally push past his fear of having her judge his family and their nefarious ways and force her to see him for who he is on the inside?

The past follows them until they turn and face it, reconciling who they once were from who they are to become – together.


After her mom died of obesity, pastry baker Sicily Moretti became a little heavy on the hips, and began obsessing about losing weight but she never got around to do anything about it. Always conscious of how she looked whenever she and her friends go out, she soon became irritable and insecure. She’d been judged about her weight and she didn’t like.

And gym owner Drake DeMarco wasn’t helping at all. He’d been convincing her to go to his gym so she could lose those extra fats but Sicily was offended by the offer. She knew she needed to shed weight but she never wanted Drake to see her struggles. He wasn’t giving up though. Not after he had finally kissed her.

But there’s something about Drake that puzzled Sicily. And she’s glad she had her brother who was looking into this mystery.

I had a good time reading this new book coming from the queen of erotic serials, Ali Parker. I’ve read her other books, Baited, Jaded and Justified, all of which became instant favorites. Now, it’s Sicily’s turn to share her story and I think hers was the most intriguing one.

Drake DeMarco sounded really mysterious. I was kind of annoyed at first with Sicily for being so conscious about her weight and her lack of confidence with herself. I don’t get why she’s too negative about her figure. Even her friends got affected.
At the latter part of the book, I was astounded by Drake’s revelation. This is awesome! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! Gotta love Ali Parker, you always make me crave for more!

My rating:4cups


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