Review: Haunting At the Heidelburgh Mansion


Haunting at Heidelburgh Mansion
(Hot Ticket Trilogy)
by Tracy Marchini

SynopsisLogoWhen twelve-year-old Juliet Robinson isn’t invited to Cindy’s Un-Halloween Party at a possibly haunted mansion, she can’t resist crashing. But after her best-friend, Lucy, disappears, Juliet has to find a way to get her friend back from the headless bride — or risk losing her friend forever.



Juliet, the main character, was funny and annoying and a riot. She crashed a un-Halloween party with her friend Lucy in the Heidelburgh Mansion, which was known for the haunting of the headless bride. While the two were there, Abigail Ford, the infamous headless bride appeared and took Lucy, and Juliet was on her own to find her. Abigail told Juliet that she’d only be able to see her friend again if she’d give her her fiance. Uh-oh.

Loved the funny and heart-pounding scenes of this book. I’m a big fan of thriller/horror books, I love the feel of my blood pulsing through my veins whenever I read about axe-murderers or white ladies or even evil gnomes. This time though, the headless bride carrying her bloody head got me looking wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Even though this was just a short narrative, I enjoyed devouring it. I hope this story continues because I really want to learn more about all the characters.


Tracy Marchini is a freelance writer and editorial consultant. Before launching her own editorial service, she worked for Curtis Brown, Ltd. for four years. In this role, she developed and sold an original book concept for the Ogden Nash Estate (Line-Up For Yesterday), negotiated and sold audio rights, pitched merchandising ideas, gave editorial feedback on client and prospective manuscripts, and provided author care.

To learn more about her, check out her Bio on her website and through the following Author Links:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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