Review: Death Row Apocalypse by Darrick Mackey

DeathRowDeath Row Apocalypse
by Darrick Mackey

SynopsisLogoOn homeland soil, a terrorist group tears up suburban life as they leave thirteen dismembered girls in their wake, and the CIA employs a vicious serial killer to eliminate the cell as the number of corpses rises.

Trapped in a maze of corridors and hunted like vermin, a small group of visitors desperately seek an exit from a maximum security death row facility. Murderers, rapists, and prison guards alike turn zombie and pursue the desperate group as their small number dwindles.

Double-crossed by the CIA and sentenced to death by lethal injection, Blaine Wilken finds himself exercising his talents as he seeks a way out of the facility. When destiny laughs in the face of horror and forces the group to place their faith and trust in the most lethal serial killer in US history, one has to wonder which predator to fear as they enter the deepest shadows of a Death Row Apocalypse.



Blaine Wilken, the Blender Butcher, starts this story about his life that started when he was about to die. Oh gosh, that intro really got me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand a zombie story, but I was wrong. Blender Butcher’s narration is one kick-ass undead story and you better read it to feel it. You might even think you were the one in prison convicted of murder instead of him.

I have to be honest, I’m really not that cut out for zombie stories. Heck, I haven’t watched any episode of The Walking Dead. Okay sure, I’ve seen Warm Bodies once and it was quite tolerable. But this, Death Row Apocalypse, is beyond my limit. This is gory to the highest level. The word “creepy” would not simply suffice the true meaning of Zombie Apocalypse. Because where Blaine is concerned, one is sure to die of horror and insanity.

The author, Darrick Mackey is able to deliver a knock-out punch novel about zombies that leaves readers shaking and breathless. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book! Great job Mackey for a convincingly great zombie story!



Born in Tallahassee, FL. USA in 66′
From an early age, I loved the classic Horror’s. Couldn’t get enough of Science Fiction, and kinda lived in my own world up until now I guess.

I have an over-active imagination, which lead to suggestions from those closest, to embark on writing my own adventures.

So now I find myself doing exactly that…

Those of you who have an iron cast stomach, whose sanity cannot be swayed, then I am sure you will love my first epic.

For those who are interested, The sequel is underway…

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