Book Review: Trading Up

Title: Trading Up
Author: Candace Bushnell
Paperback, 512 pages
Published June 2nd 2004

Janey Wilcox has been a celebrity wannabe for much of her young life, and when we meet her in TRADING UP she has at last achieved many of her goals. She has made it big as a model for Victoria’s Secret and has therefore become famous; she has at last been able to buy the car of her dreams; and she has even been able to buy her own house in NY’s exclusive Hamptons, which means she no longer has to choose boyfriends on the basis of who owns a Hamptons house she can summer in. While Janey has realized many of her ambitions, she hasn’t yet realized all of them. She has yet to be taken seriously as an actress, and she hasn’t found the man of her dreams. But that second thing, at least, is about to change.

I think, after a month of reading Trading Up, it is safe to say that Candice Bushnell’s novels worked better when HBO interpreted her writing. Believe me, Sex & The City was my favorite Bushnell book but I loved it better on cable. I was also glued to the TV set whenever Carrie Diaries was on.  
Somehow, with Trading Up, I had a hard time getting charmed with Janey Wilcox and her posse. I didn’t think I had the energy to like her, much more appreciate her as both a heroine & a bitch.

Yes, I hated Janey to bits. Until the end. So forgive me if I lost my passion for reading this one after 15-20 days to a month. But I still took a peek from time to time, thinking that I might get interested in the end. But no. I told myself I give myself at least 5 days to complete a loooong book, but even if it was a shorter one, I wouldn’t waste a whole month just to finish.


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