Review: DISGUISE (Billionaire Rock Star Romance Book 1)

DisguiseDisguise: A Contemporary Romance (Billionaire Rock Star Romance Book 1)
by Bella Love-Wins and Bella Wild

SynopsisLogoLexxi Rock is a fiery pop / punk rock singer and guitarist — and billionaire, thanks to her father’s oversight. She’s grown tired of Los Angeles, the limelight, the isolation, her image, and her lackluster romantic life, most recently tarnished by smoking hot country star — and cheating bastard — Wilkes Barracks.

When her father suddenly becomes ill, she decides to temporarily leave it all behind. Anxious about the unwanted paparazzi and media attention that would follow her right back to her home in Tucson, Arizona, Lexxi takes a drastic, unprecedented step to hide from them all.

There’s only one wild card she did not count on. Lexxi has no idea that her father’s neighbor, and scorching hot firefighter, Sebastian “Bash” Sullivan, knows exactly who she is, and plays along with her ruse to get close to her.

Bash is the one reason she’s tempted to blow her cover, but can she trust him? Will her disguise work for long enough to nurse her father back to health? Can Bash save her when disaster strikes?



Lexxi Rock learned and watched her boyfriend’s infidelity through the screens and she couldn’t have been more humiliated. Lexxi, a star in her own right, finally saw the light and fled to her hometown in Tucson for a much needed break. Then all the disguise and pretensions began.

Sebastian was a dedicated firefighter, saved lives and served his people. One disastrous fire broke his leg and soon he found himself resting in his apartment, dilly-dallying about his failed relationship with Aileen. How could he not know that the woman he was seeing was already married! He was such a fool!

When Lexxi stayed over her father’s place, she met Bash, but she didn’t tell him who she was. She pretended to be a boy named Alex. What she didn’t know was Bash was aware of her all along.

Disguise is a new hot and fiery series by the two belles of erotic romance, Bella Wild and Bella Love-Wins. As always, I’m thrilled to read stories from this tandem. Although at first I must admit, Disguise is quite reminiscent of Rocked (their previous six-part novel) because of the similarities with the characters. But in the end, this had been a really different story and the scenes were boiling hot. The Bellas sure can fire up a book, so careful because even your Kindle might just burn up!



I’m twenty -three years old and work as a communications analyst in a small firm. I live a little north of Toronto and dream of moving to the small town of Grimsby, Ontario one day. Once I move out of the city I would love to have a Shih Tzu and 2 cats as pets and practice kids. I always wanted to write, which I why I completed a degree in Communications and Literature. I dream to improve my writing to where I can write fiction full time, and I know that it’s with daily writing practice that I will get better and better. I have one older brother and my parents live in Northern Ontario.

I find my stories to be about new adults and women in their mid-twenties, sometimes from wealthy families.

My philosophy toward life is to believe that learning is possible, and that by learning everyday, we can improve and grow.


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