Review: The Unforgettable Chase – Billionaire Romance

ChaseBillionaireThe Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE
(Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance)
by Violet Walker

SynopsisLogoThe heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play…

Chase, Ethan & Jackson Silver

The heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play. But when their father gives them each an ultimatum—settle down or lose your inheritance—they each must decide if the family business is worth giving up the single life, while figuring out who is stalking them.

Reluctant to Love…

Chase is reluctant to settle down, especially at his father’s insistence. But a weekend with his sexy assistant may turn out to be just the thing he needs.

Jackson, the middle brother and peacemaker is too young for a wife and kids. But that doesn’t stop him from lusting after the pretty blond cook working for his father.

Ethan doesn’t trust women and he doesn’t trust love. He might have to give up his role as CEO of Silver Enterprises if he can’t get past his dark past.

This is the story of three handsome billionaire brothers and the women special enough to capture their reluctant hearts.


Chase and Brooke had been working together side by side but never admitted their feelings for each other. One day when Chase was called by his father for an important meeting, he brought Brooke with him. One wrong turn at a bedroom door found Chase looking at a scantily clad Brooke and all hell broke loose.

One night of intimacy brought forth a new twist in their relationship. Brooke tried to keep her distance but all her efforts had gone kaput. She knew she shouldn’t be dating her boss, but the boss himself won’t let her stay away from him. Maybe the whirl of cameras from paparazzi would wake him up? Oh wait, she overheard him say he wasn’t planning on ever settling down so why was her heart cracking bit by bit?

The Unforgettable Chase story was a good short story. Although there were still some parts missing (about Brooke and her family, et al) the flow of the story was fluid and characteristically engaging. Expect hot and heavy and steamy scenes between Chase and Brooke and you’ll surely lose your focus on whatever you’re doing. Can’t wait to read the next billionaire brother’s story next!


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