Review: The Talisman (Cougar Romance)

CougarTalismanCOUGAR ROMANCE: The Talisman
(Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series Book 1)
by Paula Knight

SynopsisLogoEveryone has secrets, but some can change your life forever…

Diana Grant does not fawn over celebrities. She has always been a quiet, serious type of person. A budding anthropologist, she is interested in facts. Not romantic ideals. She finds it odd then that, ever since she saw a picture of Catahasa Yazzie, the young billionaire CEO of a property company in New Mexico, she’s felt herself inexplicably drawn to him.

She finds it even odder that, when she accepts a temporary position at his company’s headquarters, he seems equally drawn to her. What Diana doesn’t know is that her new boss has a secret. A secret with roots that go back to an ancient civilization older, perhaps, than time itself.

When the fruits of this secret reveal themselves to Diana, will she be able to survive the encounter?



It’s been a while since I last read a book involving Native Americans and I don’t know why, but I always find myself drawn to this tribe stories.

Talisman is a short first story in the Cougar Romance series and I must say, the storyline has got a lot of potential. We are introduced to Diana Grant who was hired as a temporary receptionist in the Yazzie Properties. She thought she was on her way to meeting the man himself, the enigma Catahassa Yazzie, but she was put out by the villainess assistant Amanda Hawkins for reasons unknown. It is on the latter part of the book where we discover what lies beneath Amanda and what future awaits Diana. How about Yazzie? Well, only one thing to find out..

And I can’t wait to read what happens next. Paula Knight sure got my head wondering and yearning to know more about the feuding black and white cougar and the fierce mountain lion. This is surely going to be a great series!


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