Wake me up when September ends..

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone’s doing okay. I miss all of you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been posting fewer book reviews lately. Things had been really chaotic and sad in my case and \i hope you’d understand.

I actually lost my father just 3 weeks ago, (last September 1). He died due to esophagus cancer and it had been really a painful battle. What’s most painful, however, was the fact that I wasn’t able to see him before he died. He was with my brothers and sisters in California, and I was left here in the Philippines.

It was such a hard time for me and my family, so I decided to take a rest for a while and stop reading books for the meantime to focus on more important things.

Then, just a week ago, after my dad was finally laid to rest, another sad news came to us. My brother-in-law, JayChris, died due to brain tumor and multiple organ failure. I swear, this had been really a big blow to all of us. Never in my whole life did I think about two of my loved ones dying within a month. Never in my whole life did I think that they’d be taken from us.

The hurt, pain and suffering I felt continues to make me cry, weep and think. One time, I asked God why He let things like this happen. Why should there be people dying, suffering, crying?

Then I realized, God has a reason for all this things. He has the answers to my question, only He knows why things must happen that way. He has his plans. Whatever it is, only God has the answers. Only He can take this pain away.

September was supposed to be a good month for me, but now, I really just want it to end and move on to another month. I don’t think I could take in anymore bad news in the next few days. So guys, bear with me if I may not be able to post more in the coming days. Thank you.

Wake me up when September ends….



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