Review: Teaching Celebrity by Karen de Havin


Teaching Celebrity (The Angela Baker Series)
by Karin De Havin

SynopsisLogoAngela Baker has taken a solemn oath; starve to death before resorting to teaching kids. But when she’s faced with reality and a zero balance in her bank account, she takes advantage of her best friends Beverly Hills connections and lands a job at the Woodbridge Academy teaching art to spoiled children of celebrities.

Angela discovers a world she’s only read about at the check out stand- Hollywood trophy wives, A-list actors, movie moguls and even Mr. Sexiest Man Alive three years running. The students prove not nearly as glamorous and almost impossible to teach as they sit texting their agents, and using the art supplies to apply fake tattoos. Angela’s out of control classroom is threatening her sanity.

But the students are only half the battle when Mr. Sexiest Man Alive becomes her confidant, the Headmaster takes an interest in her, and one of the students begins stalking her. Things get even more complicated when she becomes friends with the gossip columnist who dishes more dirt to Angela then she does in her weekly column. Angela finds herself torn between her new friendships, dishing gossip to her roomies, and honoring an ironclad confidentiality agreement.



★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. While I’m doubtful that some celebrities behave like brats in real life when they go to school, it’s still fun to learn a few things about their lifestyle and the struggles they encounter when they aren’t in front of the cameras.

The Headmaster (whose ex-mistress resembles Angela so much) and the conniving secretaries, teachers, receptionists and parent aides also add color to this quirky story. Angela isn’t aware of the attention she draws in a crowd, that’s why there are a number of people insecured of her. Good thing there’s best buddy Sam ready to cheer her up every time.

Teacher Angela Baker deserves an applause for her control and dedication as the story progressed, even though she’s really not initially interested in teaching a bunch of spoiled rich kids in Woodbridge. Heck, if I were in her shoes, I might have had checked in myself in the nearest asylum after all the chaos and menaces those celeb kids have done!

Teaching Celebrity is the first in the Angela Baker series and it ends with a promise. Kudos to Karin de Havin for another exciting opening series, I can’t wait to see what happens next with Angela and People’s Sexiest Man in the World!


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