Review: To Be Continued….

To Be Continued
by Prex J.D.V. Ybasco


Not all stories end happily nor tragically. Most of them just need to be continued.

Azalea Anthony is a writer, or what she claims to be. Vim Harvey is her friend, or at least what she wants to believe. Jasmine Morrish is Azalea’s archenemy, or so what Jash believes Azalea makes people believe…er–

There are other characters, too: like Warren, the basketball player, Beatrix, the model, Tom, the perfect excuse of a brother, Eclaire, the eccentric bff, etc. They all hangout in one place where they can enjoy a steaming cup of debates, an aroma of gossips, a side dish of basketball, a topping of drama, and a menu of articles : The Big Coffee Shop.



★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

To Be Continued is a debut novel by Prex JDV Ybasco about young love, sweet love. Azalea was an aspiring writer who found herself rejected by editors of The Herald even after winning an Essay Writing Contest. What irked her more was the fact that her close friend Vim was the one who didn’t approve of her writing. She’s also friends with Beatrix and Eclaire, a formidable duo who’s got secrets of their own. Most of the time, we’d see Azalea in The Big Coffee shop, the rendezvous for all things young and hip in Centerville, King’s Point. She usually poured out her emotions there with a cup of The Big Coffee and Bluer Than Blue cupcakes.

While I thought Azalea was a daunting student who needed to prove to everyone that she’s got what it takes to be part of The Herald, her relationship with brothers Vim and Kaizer were totally out of bounds. A lot of times I felt the tension between her and Vim, my hopes only to be dashed by the appearance of their respective significant others. (Vim was very much taken by Jasmine and Azalea was the ex-girlfriend of Vim’s bro, Kaizer).

“It took you two years to get over Kaiser but I hope it won’t take long for Vim.”

Azalea smiles sadly. “Kaiser broke my heart, Vim crushed my dreams. I don’t know which of them is worse.”

High school, they say, is the happiest moment of a student’s life. Can’t say it’s true in my case, because mine was a smorgasbord of people, events, feelings. I wasn’t keen on crushes or relationships at that time. I was a late bloomer, to tell you the truth. This book very much reflects the drama and angst most teenagers feel in high school today. The need to be accepted in a society of achievers, the need to be recognized for who you are and what you really want, the longing for a serious relationship, the easy access to friends’ daily life through social media, the acceptance of one’s true identity and preference.

Azalea and her love for coffee became a staple in The Big Coffee shop. There she witnessed different kinds of relationship between her friends and family. I liked that she was forthcoming with her two best buddies, Eclaire & Beatrix. I liked that she wasn’t surprised and judgmental with Warren and Ms. St Anoire. I liked that she knew how to keep her distance, suppress her feelings, maintain her composure and be real around the boy who drove a motorcycle in the yellow brick road.

I kinda liked this story because it reminded me of young blooming love. I liked the author’s take on relationships. I recommend this to hopeless romantics of today’s generation. I think this story deserves to be continued..

NOTE: I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Prex J.D.V. Ybasco

The President of The Ybasco University
An accomplished Educator.
A Seminar Speaker.
A Bookworm.
A Musician.
A Writer.

Her first work is “To Be Continued,” a Young Adult novel that features Azalea Anthony, a struggling writer, her influences, her love for writing and basketball, and her relationships with people around her.

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