Review: Make Me Forget by Jacqueline Anne

MakeMeForgetMake Me Forget
by Jacqueline Anne

Bestselling romance author, Paige Mattheson, is experiencing the worst case of writer’s block. She hasn’t written a word in weeks and is struggling with the intimate scenes in her book. With deadlines quickly approaching, she goes on a weekend getaway to the beach to clear her head. She promises herself she will relax and find her true self again, along with some inspiration to see past her heartache and complete her novel.

Fun-loving Tyler Barrow is vacationing in Montauk, New York. He is passionate about his career as a teacher and about surfing. When Tyler misses his original flight home, a miscommunication with the owner of the rental unit finds Tyler staring at a beautiful woman in his kitchen. He is instantly drawn to her and eager to find out why, even if it is only for the weekend.

Paige is initially annoyed by the naked intruder who has interrupted her quiet vacation. She sticks to the promise she made herself and tries to let go and have some fun.

Will Tyler be able to make Paige forget about her past? Will fate prove to be more than just a weekend fling, even though they live on different ends of the earth?

Only time and a bestselling novel will tell.



★★★☆ : Nice! A good afternoon read.

Paige Mattheson thought a weekend getaway would give her adequate time to gather her thoughts and beat writer’s block. She only got two weeks to finish her novel and she’s stuck at the half. It was all Justin, her ex-fiance’s fault. After she found him in between the legs of his assistant, Paige’s heart broken into a million pieces and was afraid to pick them up again. Thus , a visit to Montauk beach in New York was required.

Tyler  Barrow was a handsome young man who loved teaching and surfing, in no particular order. He vacationed in Montauk with his friends but what he found in his condo was a gorgeous almost naked beauty. And he himself was naked when she saw him in his kitchen. Yay! This encounter promised a one-of-a-kind tryst guaranteed to give a week full of erotic nights and adventurous days for Paige & Tyler.

The whole book screamed sexy, hot and delicious to me. It actually made me forget about my current dilemmas. I actually think I also deserve this kind of much-needed retreat. Jacqueline Anne promises an hour of purely pleasurable and seductive bliss!


Struggling through health issues, Jacqueline Anne discovered her love for reading romances. Writing then became her escape and a depiction of her spirit. She creates strong female characters that overcome hardships, reflecting some of her own adversities and trials. The relationships are sweet and sexy with characters who embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness, and love.

She leads a full and exciting life in Northeast Ohio. She loves to bake, create, workout, dance, and read. Jacqueline truly believes that everything happens for a reason. Her life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day, doing it all in a pair of 4″ heels. Who says you can’t have it all?

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