Review: The Misadventures of Maggie Moore

The Misadventures of Maggie Moore Maggie

(Volume One)
by Michelle Graves

Maggie Moore has been put on notice: Find a new place to live and a life for that matter.

Spurred on by her mom’s ultimatum, Maggie sets out to fulfill her dream of Life & Style Stardom, a la Martha Stewart. After a colossal failure on her first assignment, which has nothing to do with crafting or curtains by the by, she finds herself fighting to save her career.

Far from home, and struggling with the aftermath of a family death, Maggie’s already hard fought lifelong battle with Murphy, and his pride-stealing Laws, kicks into high gear. Her enigmatic world-renowned photo journalist currently sporting a chip-the-size-of-Mount-Rainier on his shoulder might have something to do with it.

Determined to succeed despite numerous bumps along the way, Maggie throws herself – quite literally – into the heart of her assignments as she travels across the country, unlocking the oddities of various obscure sporting events and surviving the World’s Most Difficult Partnership along the way.



★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

When her father died in the Army, Maggie Moore’s world stopped. She sacrificed her internship in a top design and lifestyle magazine in the country to spend more valuable time with her mother. A year had passed and finally, Maggie and her mom decided it’s time to move on, time to stop sulking, time to get a life.

Maggie applied for a job in the Life & Style column of a well-known paper in Atlanta, but fate didn’t agree with her. She was tasked to write about sports instead. As expected from someone who didn’t really know anything about football, Maggie botched her first writing assignment. But because of her unique writing style and impressive research skills, she was given the job of covering obscure or lesser-known sports, like Dragon Boat Racing and Extreme Ironing.

Now, let it be known that Maggie here was actually a magnet for trouble. She was like Lemony Snicket who had to experience a lot of unfortunate events in a day. Yep, she’s a klutz, she’s clumsy, she’s a disaster waiting to happen.

As luck would have it, she was partnered with one of the most respected photojournalists in the country, John Cormick. From the first time they met, Maggie’s string of bad luck never stopped. From her broken car, to her face always landing first on the stairs, to slippery bathrooms, to wardrobe mishaps, you name it, Maggie has experienced it and John had witnessed every one of it. It didn’t help either that John was kind of rude to her, obnoxious and always found fault in her.

Tough luck, eh.. that’s the understatement of the year.

I enjoyed this book so much, it’s been a long time since I laughed out really hard about a book. Maggie Moore is a hoot! She’s like Little Miss Sunshine with a penchant of unending bad luck. Sure, she had a lot of will power, admirable strength of character and positive attitude, but whenever she was with John, her personality faltered, her moods changed. John Cormick was the bane of her existence, and she couldn’t wait to finish their job so she could get away from him immediately.

If only she knew what dark secrets Cormick was hiding.

I loved how Michelle Graves wrote this story. She clearly researched a lot about the obscure sports and being an Army brat. I actually thought she was an expert in all these. If I didn’t know she wrote this novel, I would have thought this was her biography, that she was actually the real Maggie Moore. Miss Graves writing was eloquent and convincing and definitely captivating.

Maggie’s Misadventures would forever be etched on my mind and I can’t wait to see / read what more misfortunes she would encounter next! Calling Michelle Graves, when will Volume II come out? I hope it’s very very soon!


Michelle Graves is a self-proclaimed nomad, moving every two to three years with her husband the Army man, her beautiful daughter, and a fat tailless cat named Torri. When she is not writing away trying to purge her mind of yapping characters she can be found entertaining her daughter, attempting to craft (whilst trying not to injure herself with the glue gun), baking yummy treats, or reading. She admits to having a restless spirit and forces her family to go out on adventures whenever possible. They lovingly play along.

If you want to find out more about her be sure to check out these Author Links:

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