Review: I’m Alice, I Think

ALiceTitle: I’m Alice (I Think)
Author: Susan Juby
Paperback, 256 pages

Life Goals List:

  • Decide on a unique and innovative career path.
  • Increase contact with people outside of immediate family.
  • Learn to drive a car.
  • Some sort of boy-girl interaction? (Possibly best left until after high school. Maybe best left until middle age.)
  • Publish paper comparing teenagers and chicken peer groups.
  • Read entire Lord of the Rings series.


Admittedly at first, I thought I would enjoy reading the main character – Alice’s -rants and criticisms and list of “Life Goals”. I thought she was eccentric, different. But I digress. She turned out to be this bizarre and antagonizing girl until the end of the story – wait, what story? Yes, I finally realized there is NO Story at all.

The premise about going to school in a Hobbit-like costume and being taunted by your new classmates was quite an opening. But that’s just about it. I thought this was a coming-of-age kind of story. In the end, I didn’t feel there was much of a point. At least, there were parts where Alice proved to be quite funny and engaging though.

Somehow I thought I’d give this book a chance, since it was mentioned that this is a book Meg Cabot (of Princess Diaries) wished she had written. Oh well, I firmly believe Meg should stick to her Princess Diaries books.

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