Review: World Cup Hook Up

World Cup Hook Up
by Katrina Ramos Atienza

synopsispinkStacy missed the excitement of the World Cup, but when a certain incognito guest checks into her dad’s inn, not even her craziest soccer dreams could have prepared her for this golden goal.

myreviewPinkStacy is stuck in the islands of Greece, beautiful, serene, captivating. But she’s not enjoying her stay because she’s there for a completely different reason. Her mom thought she needs to learn about the value of being responsible and all. So she has to work in her dad’s inn and attend to their guests the whole summer. What’s more frustrating was that her best friend is going to the World Cup in Brazil to witness all the excitement, fun, cheers and hullabaloo! So she doesn’t get to appreciate the allure and wonder that the Greek islands have to offer.

Until the world’s famous and controversial football player came into view. After a series of jabs with the malfunctioning doorknob, shoulder bumping, sarcastic comments and naked upper body from the male form, Stacy soon realizes the World Cup doesn’t matter at all.

This had been such a great & fun, albeit short read. I wanted to strangle Stacy at first because she’s wasting her summer complaining, sour-graping and eye-rolling when all the beauty of Greece was right in front of her. When she eventually relented, majorly because of a super hot guy, I also gave in.

Katrina Ramos Atienza had a way of convincing me that Stacy wasn’t that bad after all. Her writing was potent and compelling. Right before I read her book, I have no interests whatsoever in football or soccer. (Except for David Beckham, of course). But after learning some basics about this sports through Ms. Atienza’s novel, I now have this urge to dive into sports and get fanatic, too!

Don’t be put off by the ending, though. It isn’t what you’re actually expecting, but I liked it. A highly recommended reading from one talented Pinay author! Yay!


Katrina Ramos Atienza has written several contemporary romances, including The Pink Shoes Trilogy (Pink Shoes, If The Shoe Fits and Shoes Off) and The Hagette, all published by Psicom Publishing Inc.; and independently published Well Played. Her stories have appeared in the Philippines Free Press, the Manila Times and the Philippine Graphic and were included in the Muse Apprentice Guild, Warm Bodies and Growing Up Filipino II literary anthologies. She also keeps a personal style blog, Katrina Got Dressed.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños in 2002 with a degree in AB Communication Arts. She lives in Manila with her husband and two children.

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