Review: Stasha’s Cure by Karen Rouillard

Stasha’s Cure Part 1
(Stasha’s Legacy)
by Karen Rouillard

synopsisvioletStasha has just finished with a project that has taken her years. The cure for cancer was now available. After her mother’s death, this moment was all she thought about since then. She never thought that she would find the right man at an airport going home for a much needed rest.
Philip thought falling in love at first sight was for fools. Now he had to deceive her. Would she ever forgive him and will he be able to save her from a dream that is real?

MyReviewB★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

It took years before Stasha finally decided to come home and see her father again. Only this time, he was getting married again with the one her daughter really disliked. Her mom already passed away when she was younger, so she really missed her mother so much, it hurt her to know that she won’t be seeing her again. Could Stasha come to terms with the situation and finally accept Monique as part of her family?

And then she saw Philip at the airport, but she wasn’t aware that he was the one she was supposed to meet for a business meeting. The man couldn’t take his eyes off her, there was something about her that really interested him. And then the wedding took place, finally they met! I thought Stasha’s father might be Cupid’s apprentice because he was able to bring them together, and the start of something new and promising blossomed.

But that something is on the verge of breakdown, especially now that Stasha had started having nightmares ever since her trip back home began. Something had happened to her three years ago which didn’t feel right, didn’t fit her mind. Something so despicable, so dreadful, so heart breaking. Something that actually blocked her mind and resulted to selective amnesia. Would she able move on from what had happened to her?

TO say that this had been a dramatic and overwhelming story is an understatement. It has more to it than it seems. The story was a little predictable and quite descriptive & detailed, but I’m not complaining. In the end, I was left with a heavy heart and one or two crumpled wet tissues because of the crying scenes. Stasha was broken but throughout the story, she became a strong character. I would love to see what else is in store for her on the next book.


Karen Rouillard grew up in a small country town, Thorold, Ontario. She started to write poems when she was fourteen and still has them kept away today. Maybe one day she will let the world in on them.

In 2003 she picked up her laptop and decided it was time to write a book. Stasha’s Legacy came to life that day. It took her a year to write it and then went with a publishing agency. Unfortunately she found out the hard way that not all can be trusted and her love of witting seemed like a lost dream. They took her money and her trust. Her husband Levis told her never to give up and Franny’s Way began to come to life but alas it happened again with another publishing house. The despair was there to live all over again.

One day a woman (Wanita J. May) walked into her life and told her it didn’t have to be that way, that she could write again and love doing it. A Mother’s Love came to life and the Stasha’s Legacy series was born. Being a parent of three children didn’t stop her either and Surviving Parenthood also came to life.

Now Karen loves to write and being part of the indie group has been amazing. She still lives in the country and her three children are still at home and her two dogs and the husband that puts up with it all with loving support and caring love. the rock she could never do without. “Writing is in me and will be my life along with all the other loves I have in the world”

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