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The Bad Boy Billionaire Has Landed – A Pink Penn Exclusive!

My super-secret sources in Monaco are frothing at the mouth because a certain gorgeous Italian billionaire has appeared and started turning heads the moment he landed. The luscious Luca Rossi has been lolling tongues in and around the city but seems to be alone.

How can that be? I hear you asking. Luca Rossi hasn’t been without a woman since he burst onto the scene. After dating a string of models, celebutantes, actresses and heiresses we never thought the day would come that he would be acting the lone wolf.
Perhaps Mr Rossi is looking for pastures new? Or perhaps he’s taken his fine Armani clad ass around the block so many times he’s just bored with pouting lips and gravity defying breasts? Or could it be because his last girlfriend (or three) tried to push for more and he just didn’t want to deal with it. We could speculate all day long.

What we do know is he seems to be on vacation and gracing the ultra-exclusive Totally Five Star Monaco with his presence. What I wouldn’t give to spend a night in that place! Sadly it takes more moolah than I could imagine just to get one of their smaller suites (because they do nothing but).

My guess is he’s there for a secret rendezvous. But who would be worth that kind of trouble? Everyone knows the man loves ‘em and leaves ‘em so for him to deviate from that has to be huge. But hey. It’s just a guess. He could truly be over his womanizing ways and shifting gears.

Sadly the laws there prevent paparazzi from ‘invading’ his privacy so I guess I’m going to have to go on a field trip to see for myself.

Pink Penn is heading to Monaco darlings! This is going to be fabulous!

Kait Gamble_Breaking Rossi's Rules_BlogTour_SocialMedia403_finalAu revoir London, bonjour sun, sandy beaches and Luca Rossi!

PS. This is a totally random thought, but wouldn’t it be amazing if our two favourite celebs were to meet up? I mean what would happen if the coldest thing on the planet aka Anika De Winter came face to face with the hottest? I’m pretty sure the result would be explosive!

Update: I’ve landed and ran into one of Luca’s exes, the buxom underwear model, Chantelle. She was very surprised to hear he’s here too and is very interested in seeing him again. This could be very interesting indeed! Stay tuned!


Blurb for Breaking Rossi’s Rules:

Can a blackmailing billionaire thaw the heart of an ice princess?

Searching for an escape from her life, heiress Anika De Winter takes up her friend’s offer to get her into the exclusive Totally Five Star hotel in Monaco. It isn’t until she arrives that she finds her friend’s intentions, although likely good, thrust her right into the autocratic hands of billionaire venture capitalist Luca Rossi.

In need of a diversion, Luca had planned to spend the weekend with ‘a friend’ but finds she’s been replaced with icy Anika. He’s never been quite as intrigued by a woman before. So he proposes a deal. She spends time with him and he doesn’t say a word about how she got the room.

Trapped, Anika shouldn’t feel so attracted to devilishly handsome Luca. But the chemistry between them is explosive and it doesn’t take long for them to succumb to passion.

But will it burn out when their time in Monaco ends?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking and food play.

General Release Date: 11th August 2015


Excerpt from Breaking Rossi’s Rules:

After the kiss they had shared the night before, he had no hope of falling asleep. Instead, he expended the pent-up energy in the hotel pool. Even after several dozen laps, his body refused to relax, needing more sensual stimulation that he refused to look for elsewhere. So he spent the early hours of the morning learning as much as he could about Anika De Winter.
Luckily for him, her whole life was at his fingertips.
She was only a handful of years younger than him, though she looked much younger. The sole heiress to the CEO of the De Winter Group, she had enjoyed a life of privilege and had gone to boarding school in Switzerland, business school in London and was now managing PR for the DWG. And she was doing very well with it, if the stocks analysts were telling the truth. Their fortunes had taken an upswing since she’d come on the scene.
The Ice Princess was well known for her cool exterior and lack of interest in anything other than her job. It came as a shock to many when she and her fiancé had announced their engagement less than a year ago. A whirlwind romance it was called. Luca knew a marriage of convenience when he saw one.
He considered her lucky for escaping what was sure to be a miserable fate. He knew of plenty of men who had entered into such deals thinking that it would be easy only to end up mired in wretchedness.
As far as he was concerned, they had put themselves in the situation so when they moaned to him about it, he had no sympathy whatsoever.
He deliberately steered his mind away from his glum musings. What he wanted to do now was show her that there was more to life than work and familial obligations. To see if he could crack the Ice Princess’ diamond-hard veneer.

Like the sound of Breaking Rossi’s Rules? Buy it here.

About Kait Gamble:

Kait GambleKait was born and raised in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and started writing to entertain herself during the long winters as a child. Insatiably curious with a love of learning new things, she’s picked up many random skills including three languages and two martial arts. After travelling three continents (the other four are on her bucket list), she settled in England with her family where she spends most of her time cultivating her daughter’s love of reading and writing, scribbling ideas on every available scrap of paper, and trying out dialogue on her cat.


You can find Kait on Facebook and Twitter.

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