Review: Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey

Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey
by Vikki Vaught

Historical Romance / Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 7/11/2015

When her son’s life is threatened, Anissa, Marchioness of Overton, seeks refuge by sailing to America. Before the ship reaches the high seas, sparks fly between her and Captain Alex Hawks. Although the young widow may be lonely, and afraid, she cannot risk the diversion a romantic entanglement could bring, no matter how much she wants to lose herself in the captain’s embrace.

The Captain vows to protect the young Lord Overton, but can offer no assurance that the marchioness will leave his ship with her virtue intact. Alex is drawn to Anissa’s beauty and courage, as a hummingbird is to the nectar of a flower. How long can he fight a losing battle before he surrenders and makes her his own?

Will Alex be able to keep this remarkable woman and her child safe? Will his passion for Anissa be enough or will their differences keep them apart?

my review

Afraid for her son’s life and her own, Anissa escaped the rather complicated situation they were in after she bashed Lord Howard on the head with a heavy statue. Lord Howard wanted to strip them of their title, so when Anissa heard about his plan, she concocted her own perilous plan to get away from them as soon as possible.

They were saved when they aboarded a ship going to America. Lady Anissa met Captain Alex and an unmistakeable attraction passed between them. Tried as she might, she couldn’t help but fell for the ruggedly handsome looks of the Captain. But she knew what was at stake and Captain Hawk proved to be quite the gentleman amidst this all.

This book started off quite powerful and emotional. The writing was superb, perfect for an 1800’s setting. I prefered the meticulously written dialogue and the vibrant sceneries described by the author. But what I loved the most was the story of Lady Anissa and Captain Alex. I admired their control of emotions and the romantic tension that brewed between them, it was quite intense and believable. Vikki Vaught’s classical storytelling prose made her characters’ personalities likeable and come to life. Looking forward to reading more of Vaught’s masterpieces.

Excerpt: For Adults Only

As he gazed down at her, the desire to kiss her overwhelmed him. Lowering his head, he touched his lips to hers, and desire surged through his body. Her sweet mouth trembled as he flicked his tongue over her lips. She sighed and parted them, giving him the opportunity to taste her.

Desire overpowering good sense, he swept her into his arms and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. She returned his kiss with equal fervor as his hand wandered down her back, pulling her into a tight embrace. Chest to breast, thigh to thigh, his blood boiled and fire burned in his loins. Allowing his hand to wander, he stroked her breast through the soft fabric of her gown, and her nipple hardened. He ached to touch her naked flesh, to suck her pert nipple into his mouth, but her gown had a high neck, so he had to forgo that pleasure.

When her hand fluttered against his chest, he deepened their kiss, and she sighed into his mouth, then tentatively stroked his tongue with her own. Reaching down, he gathered her skirt and pulled it up to give him access to her feminine folds.
His hand moved up the smooth skin of her thigh above the ribbon holding up her stocking. He slid his fingers through the soft down covering her mound. Feeling her moist heat, he slipped a finger inside and stroked her slick folds, and her breathing grew shallow.

Fire licked at his stones and raced through his veins as he reached down and tore open his breeches. As he moved to thrust inside her, a noise startled him. He raised his head and looked around. Giving him time to let it sink into his passion-filled brain what he had been ready to do. Anissa deserved more than a quick tumble out in the open where anyone could see them.

“Darlin’, let’s go down to my cabin so we can finish what we’ve started.”

Anissa slowly opened her eyes, and as realization of what had almost happened seized her, she pulled out of his arms and shook her head. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she backed up, turned, and ran back to the companionway, disappearing from sight.

Wanting to follow, but knowing it was not wise, he buttoned his breeches. Then putting his hands on the ship’s rail, he took several deep breaths to bring himself back in line. He had come so close to losing control. If he had not heard that noise, he would have ravished Anissa up against the railing like a two-penny whore.

Damn, what was I thinking?

Thank God, she came to her senses.

about-authorvikkivaughtVikki Vaught started her writing career when a story invaded her mind and would not leave.

Over the last few years, she has written more than a half dozen historical romances and is presently working on her next. Her newest release, Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey, published by Secret Cravings Publishing is the first book in her Honorable Rogue series.

Vikki loves a “Happily Ever After”, and she writes them in her stories. While romance is the central theme of all her books, she includes some significant historical event or place in all her novels.

While all her books are love stories, she has also written short contemporary sweet romances as Vikki McCombie and erotic romances using the pen name of V.L. Edwards.

For the last decade, Vikki has lived in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her beloved husband, Jim, who is the most tolerant man in the world to put up with her when she is in a writing frenzy. When she is not writing or working her day job, you’ll find her curled up in a comfortable chair reading her Kindle, lost in a good book with a cup of tea at her side.

You may send her an e-mail at or via this Author Links:

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  1. vvaught512 says:

    Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Anissa and Alex’s romance in Lady Overton’s Perilous Journey. I appreciate the lovely review!

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    1. thank you, it’s been a great book indeed!


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