Review: Waiting For a Girl Like You

Waiting Girl

Waiting For a Girl Like You
(Drawn to the Rhythm #3)
by Christa Maurice


They could make beautiful music together…

Hoping to dodge a scandal that could destroy her personal life and her career, Alex fled grad school for a summer job in tiny Potterville, West Virginia. She didn’t expect the town cupids to orchestrate a “chance” meeting with Marc—a sexy, brooding rock star who appreciates her love of poetry. But Alex doubts he’ll want anything more if he discovers the indiscretion she can’t forgive herself for…

Marc came to Potterville to get some space from his band and clear his head. But before he knows it, he’s intrigued with the waitress at the local diner. Alex is not only smart and beautiful, she’s inspiring his songwriting and taking it to the next level. Soon he’s falling for her—and then she runs away. For the first time, Marc is chasing after a woman—and giving both himself and Alex a chance to heal past hurts and take a chance on the future.


Alex and Marc “met” after their respective friends planned their meeting at a diner where Alex worked. Though both were oblivious about the chanced encounter, the two ended up liking each other. Until one of them decided to call it quits.

I have to admit, I’m a frustrated musician. When I was a kid, I longed to have a guitar or a drum set, because I thought it was cool to possess those musical toys. But it seemed that those instruments weren’t meant for me, so I gave ’em up, since I never got to learn a thing or two about strings and drum rolls.

But I could write poems and lyrics for a song. I remember some of my high school classmates approached me and asked me to write some poems for their crushes and lovers. Sometimes, I hum those words and play some tunes in my head. But that’s about all there is with my “musical” talent, if you could even call it that.

Ironically, though, I love reading books which are focused on music and songs. I may not be able to compose, but I know how to appreciate good music, great lyrics and perfect harmony. This book, Waiting For a Girl Like You actually sings to me. I liked how the characters met, like a blind date waiting to happen.

I liked how Marc had pursued Alex, even after she had left him, even after he discovered something about her past. I liked how Alex stood up for herself. I liked how she was so similar with me, digging around the Internet trying to find clues or tips on how to get close to the man I had a crush on (mostly celebs nowadays, of course).  I liked how the author gave me this giggly feeling whenever the two were together. I even liked how social media played a big part in the story.  I liked how this made my heart sing!

This is my first Christa Maurice book and I have a feeling this won’t be my last. It’s easy to love her writing because it was clear, subjective, sexy and lyrical. Would gladly recommend this to music aficionados and hopeless romantics like me.



Born in Northeast Ohio, Christa has lived on four different continents (including both sides of Asia)and traveled extensively. She has an extremely elaborate fantasy life and has been known to forget that the bands she made up don’t exist to the extent that she has shopped for their albums on iTunes.


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