Review: Rough Billionaire Cowboy by Bella Wild

Alpha Billionaire Short Reads Romance

by Bella Wild

synopsis1Cassidy Granger was relieved to return from college. Her parents’ ranch was the only place she could call home and now that she was accepted into a local medical school, she could leave the big city life behind for good. While she was enjoying the great Arizona outdoors on her favorite horse, Cassidy ends up in the arms of Ace Grady, now billionaire owner of thousands of acres around her parents’ land. He delivers alarming news, and a self-serving, yet seductive way for Cassidy to make things right for her family. Can she stand up to his domination? Can she handle being owned by Ace for one rough night?


Rough Billionaire Cowboy (Book 1)

Note: Approx 15 Page Short Read. No cliffhanger ending. Perfect short story for readers wanting a quick, steamy fix. 18+ Only. This book contains graphic sex, bondage and other subjects for mature audiences only.

myreview1Whoa, this one-night encounter between Cassidy Granger and Ace Grady had kept me awake all night! Billionaire cowboy Ace was rough alright, he was quite obnoxious, too, in my opinion. But when Cassidy agreed to his proposal (not the kind of proposal you’re thinking of), I thought damn, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” But what happened next literally had me tongue-tied, it was really, really hot and steamy, and then I said, “OMG, you go girl!”

Okay… I’m off to read Book 2… Review to follow a little later…


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