Review: DISEASE by Abel Andrews


by Abel Andrews

synopThe story about a human disease believe to have triggered World War II. A boy orphaned during the Bombing of Hiroshima grown to be a successful Doctor, Political Analyst and extraordinary surgeon. Dr. Akihiro Akiyama spend his whole life searching for the cure of Disease, only to find out at the end of the story the
frustrating truth about the disease.

The Disease is a fictional story which readers can relate to real life situation. Full of real life lesson that, when  applied,  will preserve peace on the entire human race. It is a well invested idea by Abel Andrews, the author. It’s a worth read e-book.


Uncontrollable rage, immunity to pain, frothing at the mouth, sweating, red deep-set eyes. A young Italian engineer had these symptoms, and it’s up to Dr. Akihiro Akiyima to find out what caused this disease. A disease brought forth by a deadly virus that, if it would fall into the wrong hands, could start World War III.

Orphaned after the Hiroshima bombing in Japan, Akihiro Akiyima had witnessed, first hand, the disease that led to the deaths of numerous people, a possible virus that weakened people, enraged them, crippled them, terminated them. At such a young age, Akihiro strove hard to discover the cure for this disease. When opportunity came to his doorstep, he set off to the United States of America, the very nation that dropped the bombs that cost the lives of a lot of people, his parents included. There he studied and became a respected surgeon and had treated lives.

Until the blueprints for a reactor he was researching on appeared in the hands of another person who had no business of having it in the first place. Akihiro discovered that the Mehumah fluid he had previously studied was now slowly taking over the rage and life of Italian Andre Copoli.

Would Dr. Akihira ever find the cure to this disease? Is the world still a safe place to live?

Disease is a new medical thriller story written by a promising author, Abel Andrews. It is evident that he knows what he was writing about and I can feel the passion he invested on it. I particularly liked how the story was focused on one main character and the cure he was working on. I found it impossible to pull myself aware from the story. I felt the tension, the thrill, the suspense and the drama as the story unfolded right before my eyes.

Definitely, Disease is a worth-while read.


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)


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