Review: Viking Grave by Leah Grant

Viking Grave

Viking Grave
( Encircled By Gold #1)

by Leah Grant

synopsispinkRiikka Toivonen is obsessed with three things: the paranormal, having hot Viking fantasies, and drinking far too much coffee. After Riikka finds a gold artifact in her pocket following a trip to a Viking gravesite, she lights a candle and finds she isn’t home alone. An image of a man appears and the more she interacts with him, the more tangible he becomes. He’s hot, he’s a Viking, and she wants to bed him badly. The catch—he wants more from Riikka than just a romp.

What’s a girl have to do to get some action? Lust takes over and Riikka tells him she will commit to him for all time if that is what will finally get him into bed. After making the pledge she finds herself transported back in time and into a life she left unfinished—her own. The rough-edged Viking Thorstein takes Riikka on a journey of second chances and hopes in the end she will choose to commit to him—forever.


★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

Riika mysteriously got an artifact from a burial site from her last exploration at L ‘Anse aux Meadows and somehow it ended up in her custody. An ancient arm ring that belonged to someone else, someone who suddenly appeared in her room, looming and watching her from the shadows. Creepy, right? Well. this is the kind of creepy that Riika would definitely want to get involved in.

At first, he was just a presence, until he had a voice, then became a fading ghost. The dark, large and mysterious figure talked to her, encouraged her, convinced her that he was real – all flesh and blood and bone. Yep, definitely the kind of bone Riika was counting on. When she finally realized he wasn’t just a ghostly apparition and her feelings for him began to emerge, soon the hulking figure materialized in front of her.

And there he was. Viking Thorstein, all man, flesh, blood, muscles and bone, in all his glory! But what was a medieval viking from the past doing in the 21st century? Who was he? What did he want from Riika? What on earth was going on?

Oh yeah, these book will definitely have you asking a lot of questions. Good thing the answers are right in here. And the answers involved shamans, wooden tables and sturdy chairs, betrayed lovers, deceitful admirers and a whole lot of sex. Hot, wild, erotic, gripping and intimate. Who knew a Viking like Thorstein can awaken a woman’s long-hidden fantasies? If you want to read a story that involved the past coming to the present, grab this book by Leah Grant! Highly recommended afternoon read!


I am Leah Grant and am proud to call Canada my home. I live on the Prairies with my husband and our very opinionated cat, Miss Fish. The theme I live by is written on the front page of this site – Don’t be afraid to step into the storm. You never know where it will take you – could be a really amazing place.

Writing happened early for me and when a story/book comes into my head – I just start typing. I let it flow and try to keep out of the way as the characters tell me their stories. I love writing – it makes my heart happy.

We are very fortunate to live in an area with much wildlife and incredible beauty. The peace here is wonderful. So, pour yourself a cup of java, grab something to eat and come sit and have a read with me. Be brave – once you step into the storm – you’ll never know where it might take you.

I send my best,

Leah Grant ( a pen name for someone that likes her privacy)

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Website | Facebook | Amazon | Booklikes | Bookstrand


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