Chosen & Seduced by the Vartik King

Chosen by the Vartik King  | Seduced by the Vartik King

(The Vartik King Chronicles Books 1-2)
An Alpha Alien Romance Serial
by Liza Probz

synopJazmine Vallum is on the hunt for something precious and has gone from world to world to find it. Becoming a thief was never her goal in life, but her search requires funding and no one is willing to help, so she helps herself. Almost losing her life to a feline King, she runs into the arms of what appears to be a human male. His required payment for safe transport to the next galaxy is sex.

Marek Vartik is the upcoming king of his people, a race long thought to have been extinct. He has been granted a one year reprieve to travel the galaxies and get the need for adventure out of his blood. With the desire to live on the edge and taste the pleasures of life, finding the pretty human thief was far beyond his expectations. Never has he wanted someone more.

She doesn’t plan on giving him anything for his help, but he is set on taking everything – especially her heart.

myrevvReview for Chosen:

Jazmine, a Territhian, was running for her life after she had put the Vanfia King to sleep and stole his jewels. The king’s guards were chasing her until she reached Marek, a Vartik pretending to be human who was on his way to planet Kilian. Marek was willing to help her out, but in return, Jazmine must become one of his concubine.

Two different species, one way to survive. There was sexual tension between the two, and it’s only a matter of time before they give in to their lustful desires.

Chosen by the Vartik King is the newest sci-fi novel by Liza Probz and I quite like it. It has a lot of promise and exciting scenes. The story is going to be a six-part serial and I can’t wait to read more about Marek and Jazmine. This definitely will fill-up my Kindle book shelf and will have me anticipating for more!

Review for Seduced:

The Vartiks were created to reproduce and multiply, and seduction is their strength. Marek must control himself before he fully seduced Jazmine and have her surrender herself to him. But he couldn’t let that happen, not until he knew all about the aura that Jazmine emitted from her body. Like the bright blue aura that surrounded her whenever she was near him.

Marek couldn’t stop himself from glistening whenever he felt lust for her. He didn’t need to seduce her, but Jazmine got easily drawn to his powers. When the time came for them to give in to their desires, Marek did the unthinkable.

Oh my gosh, I wish I could tell you everything that happened in Book 2, but no. I couldn’t. You really need to read the book yourself to feel what I felt after Marek left me hanging (figuratively, of course!) Liza Probz needs to finish the third book right away!


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