Review: Truth & Temptation by Riley Edgewood

Truth and Temptation
Summer Love # 3
by Riley Edgewood


Truth & Temptation is the third standalone book in Riley Edgewood’s Summer Love series.

★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

The very first few words in the book blew me away. Teagan boasted about her sexual prowess by liking it to banging a screen door. She didn’t know someone had heard her comment and soon she came face-to-face with him, Alec, the man that made her heart beat like firecracker. A few flirty moments with him, Teagan became Cindy and Alex became Frank and soon, the fireworks between them exploded like a volcano. Yeah, they worked it much harder than a screen door does during a hurricane.

A few days later, Teagan started her new job and got the surprise of her life when she finally learned that Alex was actually her boss. And what’s up with him already engaged to someone else?

Whoa! This book really got me. I mean, all those emotional outbursts, anger management, insatiable sexual attraction, unnerving secrets and blazing hot intimate scenes, all in one erotically romantic novel.

I read about Teagan in Riley Edgewood’s first Summer Love book, Rock & Release and I must admit, I really didn’t get her nor liked her at all. I thought she was quite aggressive and angsty. After getting to know more about her, her family and her anger issues in this book, I finally understood. I think I have never met such character as fierce and stubborn and wild as her.

Alec was another thing. He had this apprehension issues towards mirrors and it was quite intriguing. When I’ve read his side of the story, my heart went out to him.

The way these issues were tackled and handled made this book more appealing to me. How anger management, a learning disability and anxiety disorder played a big role in the characters’ personalities.

I can’t explain how much I was touched by the ending, too. It was actually everything I have hoped for. An ending with a promise of now and forever. Riley Edgewood had promised an unforgettable series and she delivered. Edgewood is undeniably a brilliant New Adult author to watch out for.

Riley lives in Northern Virginia and spends most of her time with her characters, playing with her toddler and husband, and pretending she knows how to be an adult. Former dancer. Current writer. Lifelong lover of accessories, books, and the beach. And cats. Can’t forget the kitties. Of which she has two.

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