Review: Properly Scandalous by Mina V. Esguerra

Properly ScandalousProperly Scandalous
(Young and Scambitious Book 2)
by Mina V. Esguerra

synopsispinkSome thieves get away with it, and appear to live the rest of their lives in comfort and luxury. But not without meeting twenty-something society brats Jane del Mundo and Gabriel Grande first. Jane and Gabriel are not in the business of apprehending them though, but in recovering what has been stolen, in very specific amounts.

How are society girl Elizabeth Madrid and young actress Truffles Marquez connected? Not in any way Truffles is aware of, until a government official with a very specific crush unwittingly becomes the next mark for Jane and the gang.


I haven’t read the first book in the Young and Scambitious series, so I was kind of taken aback when I read Properly Scandalous. It’s like I was grasping for something in the middle the night and I didn’t know how to move around. The characters were a bit hazy at first, which made them more intriguing and their job mind-boggling.

And then it hit, these aren’t your typical members of the society. They’re much more than that. They’re young but with great minds, cunning yet brilliant, sophisticated yet unscrupulous thieves. They have a master plan, they stick to it, they spend money and they earn millions. They create controversial videos that could hurt one’s career, but that doesn’t faze them, as long as they get what they think they rightfully deserve.

Jane del Mundo aroused my curiosity; there was something about her that raised my eyebrows. Gabriel Grande, now he’s another story, very very intriguing, with secrets of his own. What’s that number of a missing person doing on his phone? And Jane, what are you gonna do about it? The book is definitely intriguing and I intend to read more about them! Mina Esguerra just gained a new fan!


Mina V. Esguerra writes contemporary romance, young adult, and new adult novellas. Through her blog Publishing in Pajamas (, she documents her experiments in publishing.

When not writing romance, she is president of communications firm Bronze Age Media, development communication consultant, indie publisher, professional editor, wife, and mother. She created the workshop series “Author at Once” for writers and publishers, and #romanceclass for aspiring romance writers.

Her young adult/fantasy trilogy Interim Goddess of Love is a college love story featuring gods from Philippine mythology. Her contemporary romance novellas won the Filipino Readers’ Choice awards for Chick Lit in 2012 (Fairy Tale Fail) and 2013 (That Kind of Guy).


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  1. Interesting book and awesome review!


  2. jholitonjua says:

    Which reminds me I need to read books 3 and 4 of the series.

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    1. can’t wait to read your review! Yay!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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